I’ve been sitting on this map for quite a while now, and though it’s still far from finished, I think it’s high time I gave it its own thread.

Massive image dump incoming.

As it is, the buildings currently do not have any interiors save for two of them. But if you guys want, I’ll give them some.

And please don’t forget to leave your suggestions and criticism. Thanks!

I really like what I see.
Nice work.

More interiors would be great. Maps like these with no interiors are a shocking disappointment when the mapper implies it but doesn’t mean it.

Not to say yours is looking a disappointment, looks damn good man.

Looks fantastic, interiors would be amazing too.

I love how powerful the colors seem in this rather blueish environment. Especially those of the signs.

Great work, Azzator

looks awesome, love maps like this - wartorn with ruins everywhere. makes good eye candy and good posing scenes.
i hate to be a nitpicking bastard though, but in that last image, theres huge piles of rubble and debris under cloth awnings and such.

Visible No-draw.

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Just kidding. I know its a WIP. I love the design of it. Can you post a screenshot of the overall layout of the place from a birds eye view?

The architecture is absolutely amazing! Have at least a few interiors to allow exploration. The atmosphere suits it really well

Looks good! Wish I had space in City12 to fit some more buildings in.

Hey, guys. Thanks for the lovely feedback. :smiley:

the birds eye view thing

I love the cold, early morning feel you created with the colour correction.

Between this and the orangey mood of cityruins, it seems there are differnt ways of approaching hte same concept. But the pictures do show you got the destroyed feel–excellent job.

Great map I’ve been looking for one like this :smiley:
Can’t wait to see it when its finished

Battlefield 3 called, they want their blue filter back.

I love how it says “Cement” on top of a pilaster-ridden romanesque building, haha. :smiley:

ehhh i have no idea what the Cyrillic stuff means so whatev :v: