gm_sacrificepassing: The Sacrifices and The Passings finale map! (Remake, NOT a port)

[release]This map took about 4 days to complete, with pauses. It’s not 100% polished yet, but it’s the first releasable version of the map.

Basically, what this is, is The Sacrifices and The Passings finale map, somewhat remade by me, from ground up, in hammer. It’s a bit blocky, but things will bend over in future versions of the map. Consider this a beta.[/release]

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Missing textures? Tell me! I’ve only used textures from TOB, so tell me what games from OB you own, so that I can add to the list of requirements![/release]




I hope you like it. First map I was serious about making. Don’t worry about any bugs. There will be new editions of the map rolling out now and then that’ll round corners, make proper roofs, etcetera. Not too advanced stuff, though.

Nice, Now I wish I had HL2 Ep.2

a port would have looked/been better

Well, obviously, but I don’t know shit about porting, so you know… This will do until someone does something better, or you know… makes a port! v:v:v


I just noticed that “Mapping King” is back, so for your effort, I shall give you one :buddy:

Thank you :smiley:

Nice, but I’ll wait until a more accurate version is available before I download.

You made me rage. I was half-way done the my sloppy base brush work for my rp_sacrament. Then I see this. I quit lol.

Heh. Sorry? :smiley:

I still like it, but why is it set during the day? In future releases you should make it night time or raining.

The Passings finale map is set during the day. I plan on having multiple variations of the final map, like rainjy day, rainy night, clear day and clear night, etcetera. All in one pack.

The passing is set during a rainstorm in the middle of the night :geno:

The rain was new to me, but it’s not in the middle of the night >.>

The PASSING Not the Sacrifice had rain. And it was very dark.

If this is a remake, then could you possibly add more areas for the map? If you just remake the playable area of The Sacrifice then it’s going to be pants (English slang for ‘stupid’)

Eeeh. We’ll see. For starters, it’s only the immediate surroundings of the Bridge. Unless someone releases a port, the playable area will extend as I progress.

Yeah, let’s complain about somebody not taking the easy way and instead working hard to remake it from scratch. Retard.

You did good son, real good. However, there is still room for improvement of course. I’ll wait the next version.

This is a great map, and thank you very much for making it.

I haven’t seen a good Left 4 Dead themed map since Necro Forest.

Good luck with this, and I hope you continue to keep it updated!