aspen here with another map. this one is actually successful, so i’ve decided to release it.

i worked on it for about the whole day. was stuck inside, so why not make a map?

no youtube video, yet.

it’s great for building boats and has a lot of space, including a rather large sandbar (of course) with shallow waters for you to build on. my entire goal was to make a building map that wasn’t all just concrete and grass. i guess i succeeded. it’s pretty straightforward, yeah? it has a couple gimmicks like a shark swimming around and a seagull flying in the air, but overall it’s a decent build map if i do say so myself.
enjoy, fp.
more details + credits are on the download page.


here you are!

Nice job!

hey, thanks!!

Looks good man but wouldn’t the tides submerge those huts?

No problem :slight_smile:

Might want to include pictures in the thread too, use

it’s supposed to be high tide :stuck_out_tongue:

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added some images:

just decorated it with boats:

Sweet. add them into the OP with

around them :slight_smile:

Sir, You are Winner!

thanks bunches guys :slight_smile:

You sir, just made my day. (atleast the rest of it)

Cool map, but a little small don’t you think?

Top Notch map Aspen, will there be others like it?

I have returned huhuhu!

To say that you still need to adjust how you do windows in terms of height and placement!

Also, you could improve upon the overall feel of the map by adopting a more organic architecture to the huts. They are just hollowed squares with a pyramid on top. If you want to go with a more solid manmade look, try looking for open sided cabanas, or this:

Right now they are pretty un-detailed, and uninteresting. That reference image should be pretty easy to replicate.

Or else go for a rounded hut-type thing. should be a few models floating around.

Otherwise it’s pretty empty, but I guess that’s how a build map should be. Like the shallow water on the terrain though.

I would spread the houses out a bit more, and increase the terrain above water with trees and whatnot slightly. Will help fill in the map and give it less of an uneven look.

Also, I would taper the coastline some more so it doesn’t look as much like a sudden drop.

In all truth I don’t think it looks good.

It looks alright, certainly nice to look at, as I said it’s top notch, just needs more stuff adding, trees, boulders, cliffs, that sort of stuff, also more islands :v:

And the buildings could do with more detail.

How can something be top notch when it’s not done yet…?

thank you ALL for your constructive criticism (that means you too, framperton!). it will help me improve my maps over time, and hopefully i’ll get around to making a v2 sooner enough… i mean, if it’s worth it.

reason i made the huts so empty/bland is so the players can decorate the little hut things themselves. :slight_smile: once again, thank you guys

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That’s not a bad idea, but the basic architecture of the huts should be a little nicer.

Nice map with a cheerful look to it. Good job. :smile: