I’ve updated gm_sandbox for all to critique!

Now at version .07, here’s what I’ve changed.

  • Remade sandcastle, AGAIN.
  • Fixed shadow problems.
  • Added platforms, ramps, & working ladder for roof access.


  • Let me know if there are any.

Pictures & Download

No pics no click.

Noted. I wasn’t sure if pics were required. I 'll get on that right now.

A good way to really give it some “immersion” and make you feel like you’re in the sandbox would be to add a 3D skybox of a backyard or something similar. Gives more information on the subject.

And about just general ways to make it look better, you’ve got it to empty. Maybe add in some big buckets or a sandcastle or anything like that to break up the empty. Good start, and good work asking for some C&C before just jumping on a full release. Keep at it and I’m sure you’ll get something nice!

The textures are very repetitive and don’t look like sand.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is a very early version of this map, so many of the textures here are basic. However, are there any suggestions you have to make it look more varied?

Make a yellow texture, then filter noise in or photoshop or something, then use that.

Allright, I added in a new texture for the sand (and it does look rather nice, thank you Firegod), but I’ve noticed some weird lighting issues going on with the displacements. Some odd shadows appear in the ground at points, and you can see the edges of displacements flicker black but only ones in the distance.

Any ideas gents?

That looks fine to me.
Yeah, try the 3d skybox. or at least a grass area around it?

Put giant toys in it.

Something crossed my mind when I’ve seen this… :ms:
Otherwise the map is OK for a flatgrass-like, but won’t be really useful. You need to fill it.

This and a giant enterable sand castle.

someone should model a toy truck or something for this dude.

rated funny for the idea.

Make this: ^



1419 polys.

Would be nicer with a bit of dirt rather than just solid colours.

Otherwise it’s a nice model.

No, it sucks. I just started learning modeling. But thanks anyways :v:

There’s actually some noise on the texture, although not very much.

Make it look like that :v:

Sandbox - Literal Version.
Giant neon toys all over the place and giant feet that run around stomping you.

is there anyway you can put that sand texture up for download im doing a eygpt themed map and it would be really helpful