Hello all, first post, first (to be) released map.
This thread is just to show a build map I am working on. I didn’t like the fact that there were weren’t many sand / desert-based build maps so I decided to make one. I combined the largeness of flatgrass and the building theme of gm_construct, and this is what I came up with.
This is currently a work in progress and many things have been updated or improved, but your suggestions, requests and criticisms are very welcome.

Get a new skybox, and ditch the construct theme.

Looks rather blocky, and overall uninteresting. Get some props or dynamic stuff in there of sorts.

Have a small military base come out of the sand that you have to find.

Oh look another construct map, this time with sand, because that hasn’t been done before.

Looks a little bit like The Shimmering Flats with the current skybox.
I kinda like it.

Tone down the HDR is all I can say right now.

Actually, I’m pleasantly surprised. Now, i’m not just saying that because there are people on fp arming themselves at this present moment, but because it has that odd oo factor. The things i don’t like (because well…yeah) are as follows:

Indoor textures being used outside.
Texture misalignments on the skylight windows
The ground is very very flat- add some dunes
I dunno if it is just the image, but some of the buildings appear to be floating.
The multistory construction area seems a bit pointless. It has stairs, but no ramp.

Possible Improvements

Add in a few ruined buildings, maybe some junk here and there.
Maybe things like an abandoned racetrack or drag strip. A drag strip could be a multiuse thing, doubling up as a runway for aircraft.
Expanding on the aircraft, maybe some flat area for helicopters.

The map itself looks nice, but it seems a bit limited at the moment. It needs a bit of soul, a bit of flair. The longer the oo the better. The map isn’t quite to an oooo yet.

It’s shit.

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Add a bit more detail to the structures to make it look less boring, and add dunes to the sand, just to make it less plain.
The area in the first screenshot needs the most work, I think.

I mean the architecture is pretty horrible, but I like the 3D skybox. It’d look really nice if it was higher res.

It’s a 5 minute job, max. It doesn’t deserve a thread and anyone that’s been a mapping section visitor for more than a day knows that everyone will think it’s shit because it’s another crappy construct remake.

Make that in five minutes and I will chop my dick off and send it to you.

This includes compiling.

I appreciate the constructive comments and the decent suggestions, so this is what’s needed:

Some sand dunes (Displacements),
Places to explore,
Differing textures and texture adjustments,
More buildings and added complexity to current buildings,
Props and other scattered junk.

More suggestions are always welcome, similar comments to ~ZOMG’s aren’t appreciated or helpful.

Good luck. :wink:


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