Hey guys.
This was a request made by SnoriS way back in November which I took up. I felt that I had made you guys wait too long, so I released it. Hope you enjoy it. :biggrin:

PS: The grain of the sand is fixed.


FirePaw - The maker!
SnoriS - The requester!
Flubadoo - Reference imager!
Lord Pirate - Sand texture!
Everyone who posted - Encouragement, and lots of help in general!

Thanks guys.

Liked this? Why not try out my other maps? :3:

Are there gravity lifts? :3

Looks pretty nice. The screenshots are very grainy though.

Yeah, fixed the grainy sand. Tis just the pictures are slightly old :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, not. >.<

yay i got credit have some cookies

Delicious! :3:


Just two things I can see that need improvement from playing. 1 is that the long walk on top of the ruins needs to have the entrance above ground. Linked for size. on the top left. and 2 is a really big problem. The sky box isn’t there! But other then that, great map!

I love your maps!

Awesome, awesome map.

The skybox isn’t there!?

Hmm. I have a bad feeling about this, will check to see if I remembered to pakrat the skybox textures. If not, will upload them in a bit!

FUCK, yes I did forget to put them in. Uploading now!


Also, I updated my first and last post on the request thread, just so it doesn’t get resurrected or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hooolyyyy shit…I don’t know what else to say.

Love the map dude! Lol when I looked at the pics though, I thought you added an assload of grain. It sort of looks eye-raping, but it is nice! That would be cool if you converted the grav-lift models and make a trigger_push. That would be cool.

fantastic mapping =D

Ah, yes. I remember the request thread. Just two words: bloody brilliant!

I saw the thread title and then I blacked out. And when I woke up, I clicked the link and nerd-gasm’d. Amazing…

I love it in every way.

Oh shit it looks nice.

Are there warthogs and choppers? How about some hornets? Nice map btw :slight_smile:

dude’s thats not even cool, last post on old WIP thread

The base model used was a download of mine. seen here

and by the way, it looks good in gmod, except the base terrain texture needs a custom wrap and skin, i wouldnt mind doin it, if someone gets me the bsp.