My second Star Wars map for Gmod. This time the Pit of Carkoon.

[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] gm_sarlacc_b2

[tab]Version:[/tab] Second Beta

[tab]Description:[/tab] A small map featuring The Pit of Carkoon from Star Wars.

[tab]Features: [/tab]

  • one stationary skiff, one movable skiff and one sail barge with interior
  • Sarlacc that kills you slowly over time
  • automatic doors
  • a bit of walkable desert around the centre and 3d skybox
  • npc AI nodes

[tab]Steam Workshop Download:[/tab]


looks amazing!

Looks good.


sweeeeeet. We really need some sort of Starwars RP.

Very cool. Now I have somewhere to toss that crappy Boba Fett ragdoll.

pretty fun. i did notice that for some reason i can’t be killed by jumping into the sarlacc.

Make a genosis map next. I need map to pose the clones.

Will most likely be used for screenshots and movies

Keep it up with the SW maps!

Hell yes I love it!

There’s a trigger hurt in there that kills you slowly, when I last tested it, it still worked. No idea why it shouldn’t work for you.

Haha, this is awesome. Nice job! :biggrin:

Kashyyk or Endor next, please :3:

No requests here please.

how far into the Sarlacc’s mouth can you go in?

Have a look and find out :smiley:

'bout as far in as you can see in the movie.
Still epic though

The displacements are a bit funky, stretched textures and all, otherwise it’s a faithful reproduction, cheers!

This was released? Fantastic!

As I said in the WIP thread, there’s not much of it.

I’ve really never seen such amazing displacement work.