gm_scary (Idk yet)

Hey there guys, I am Opti :]

I usually make maps for Day Of Defeat Source and some Half Life 2 mods I was working on, but now I am devoting some time to a Garry’s Mod map :]

This is where my SDK tuts are :]
Personally, I need help with what to add to this map. I want something creepy and spine tingling. I have seen very few maps that make me go “ugh” so I would like to create one. I have not started because I do not know where the hell to start in the first place. I would like some ideas on what should be in it and what would make YOU go “ugh” or tingle your spine.

Naturally, give me something REALSTIC, not something that exceeds Hammers limitations. Every else that I have asked for help on this little project has given me dick to work with, so I am a tad upset. Once I get some adequate ideas, I will start making the map and posting up Screen shots here on this Forum.

Thank you guys for reading, and your help will be more than helpful! I will also have some testers for the map, whenever I get it going that is. If you would like to help me with:
Creation of the map
Criteria of the map
Testing of the map
Banging my mom
or anything else you can think of, please…feel free to ask/ tell me.

I am more than willing to do a collaboration project with one or more people to get this map terrifying. It will first be released on THIS forum, and eventually FPSbanana and then finally

Thank you for your time reading this and understanding where I am comnig from. I would also like to add no medeokre map makers, I would like people with some skills :]

Wait… What are you asking for?

Ideas. Thing is, there are plenty of ideas in these forums, 'specially the request subforum. Lurkmoar.

Also, if I never hear requiem for a dream again, itt’l be too soon.

Lets see…I suggest a large abandoned house. If you have a place such as a basement, the lights should rapidly flicker on and off. Never include headcrabs, as they ruin the effect. You should maybe have a small room with a hung corpse in it, possibly with pools of blood through other areas of the house- have it over the walls to give evidence of a struggle where maybe the victim was dragged off. If you can, maybe have zombie noises coming from behind you, in or around the house- standard zombie noises are good for dark areas around, poison zombie gurgles from behind, fast zombie howls from outside the house. It would be best if you did not actually have the zombies. If you should, have it so that the zombies (Without headcrabs) are lying on the floor, and maybe they get up to attack, then vanish. I’m sure that will scare most people. Thunder and possibly lightning are good ideas, they can be done. You should have a dark sky, maybe raining with raining sounds to give that feeling…those are my ideas, I hope they are adequate. :wink: Good luck.

Edit: Try not to have Father Grigori in it unless you have to. XD


If you are Opti_185_TSGK I am going to kill you in HL2: DM.

If you can just use clip, u can get 5 brushes instead of 8

Well, the thing is, I did not want to go looking for a bunch of shit ideas in other threads. No offense. I wanted some user input on what REAL people might want to see in a REAL map. I know, my tutorials are BLEH, and “Requiem For A Dream” is played too much on youtube, I agree. lol.

But in any case, I am looking for idea’s from YOU, not on some dumpy little forum where no one pays attention to what you say because the next person has an idea as well. I just want someone to possibly collaborate with me on a map that could be scary I guess is what I am asking for. Sorry for being so…n00bish in my ways of asking.

I do not like posting crap (that’s a joke because this thread IS crap) on other threads.

Fuck, I have no clue what I am asking for. Ultimately…I am asking for help with A LOT of things.

This guy sounds like he’s super baked.


Opti, I get it. The request forum is slow moving, out of the way, and putting it in the top of mapping gets it more exposure. It’s kind of bad form to do, but I haven’t seen anyone get banned for it yet so maybe it’s fine.

That said? Here’s some inspiration:

There’s a thread around here about props rearranging themselves when you have your back turned a-la FEAR. Maybe that hanging corpse a couple posts up could appear and disappear depending on how you walk into or out of a room.

Invisible screeching enemies are the scariest shit you’ll ever face in your life, especially if their visibility flickers briefly before they attack you. Zombies are scary, but barely visible, fast moving cloudy wisps? You drop your shit like that.

An actual story to the map, for example: the scary shit are actually clues to a murder mystery. There will be several people walking around in some peaceful area, and one of them is the killer. If you kill an innocent person, you die. But if you kill the murderer, you win. Just follow the clues… IF YOU DARE!!! (mu-ha-ha-ha)

Also, play Korsakovia. Telling people to play Korsakovia will be your new favorite hobby.

Thanks :] That is the kind of shit I am looking for!

I want more things like this!
Chris, would you like to COllaborate with this?

What is Korsakovia?

I thought it was a mod or something…

That is what I thought too, lol.

I played Korsakovia the other day, honestly I didn’t think it was that good. I mean the writing was fantastic, The Chinese Room is really good at writing (Just look at Dear Esther) but I found that their mapping was blocky and poor, not to mention the mod itself was overcomplicated by the enemies. They have great ideas but the follow through isn’t that good. I’m still waiting for the remap of Dear Esther which looks astounding.

Umm… yes? Maybe. I’m going to get a real job soon, and I’ve already got two other projects in my pipeline, Gm_Blitzball_v2 and Gm_Bigforest. Mabye you wanna help me get bigforest out of the way? It’s a collab map too…

Korsakovia may have been blocky and un-optimized as fuck, but goddamnit if it wasn’t terrifying as shit. It’s a better mod than most because it invokes fear from a terrible, primal place inside you.

Nice to see my ideas are appreciated, and now I don’t have to say that sarcastically. :xd:

Like I said, poison zombies groans and gurgles, and their heavy breathing are very effective in dark areas. Fast zombie screams and howls are best used echoing from outside. I don’t know about standard zombies though, because in my opinion they sound comical, especially when they are set on fire. :slight_smile: Not zombines though, unless you like radio chatter coming from nowhere…in fact, some of the zombine sounds ARE good: …Sector…not…secure…

Like I also said, if you choose to have them as actual enemies, they should manifest themselves in such a form that will evoke terror…good idea about the wisps, but I was thinking more of shadows in the corner of your eye… Remember, NEVER have headcrabs in it, they simply are not scary at all.

Well, that sounds like a good mod.

I’ma go download it.

If you use clip properly, you should only get 3 brushes.

I’d say make a very AI friendly map with a shitload of hint_nodes and shit like that. Maybe some buttons for activating combine attacks, busting through windows and storming and whatnot. That’d be really cool. Maybe like an arena in an abandoned warehouse with crates everywhere making for intense NPC fights. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to break any source limits. Just make a nice cluttered warehouse for some crazy NPC wars.

Doesn’t sound too scary.

I don’t want any NPC’s in it though. As for right now, just something that gives you a creepy element. Like if you play dm_lockdown on a color mod of -.3…that kind of creepy :]