SCP-173?s Chamber
SCP-372?s chamber
SCP-895?s Chamber
Doctors Quarters
Metal Corridors
Gas Catwalk
Server Room

Download : old link is delete
new link

You should add more detail. You’re remaking it in Source, you have a lot of room for improvement, you won’t break any “staying true to the original” promises you may have as these maps desperately need more detail such as decals and props.

IT would be cool if the SCP thing you have there was built was modular models. Then give it to the lua section to mak an autogenerating thing of it.

TCB are you a good maper?? I have seen you around alot. Want to make a map?


Needs more details, the small things really make a difference.

Anyone know where to find 173’s NPC addon?

Well I decided to load it up and look around. I found that the repetitiveness of the textures and the lack of detail, especially in the ambient sound department, left me genuinely upset. I walked through stale white halls in anticipation of something interesting (even though I knew there were no npcs) and came out of the affair with a “bad taste in my mouth.” I also got fairy low performance on the map, so I turned on mat_wireframe 1 and discovered just what I thought, the entire map was being rendered at once, smoke and all. Did you compile VIS?

So if you’re going to take anything away from this, lag, no ambient sound, white walls and white lighting make people (at least me) want to close your map fairly quickly.

Edit: the entire map is also sealed in a nodraw box

just simple map, no npc, no sound.
If you don’t like it.

Because I created for my friend.
or you’ll use for comic or movie or…I leave it up to you.

Other In V2 (hum, no release in here :))

Wow…you release something here, get criticism, then, because you don’t like the criticism, decide to ignore it.

Why not add some SCP’s that weren’t in the game?

You have literally over a thousand to work with :smiley: