gm_scrubs (WIP)

Hey! ;D

Well I really like the TV Sitcom Scrubs, and so I thought of making a map of the hospital the series are set in.
It took quite a while and I had to watch many episodes to find out how the hospital exactly looks like from out and inside.

This pic here is just the WIP version of the patient entrace, I think if you know the series you will recognize it:

And here how it looks like in reality:

I still have to create some textures like the Sacred Heart Hospital Icon or the Emergency sign, the lights aren’t done either as you may see on that first picture.

It is quite hard to figure out how the building really looks inside, but I will try my best.

Updates coming soon!

Needs some sunshine, but really nice for the start.

There should be lots of references online since it was filmed in a real hospital not used anymore in LA.

Needs a boobie horn


And a roof toilet

At first, thanks for your fast replies ;D

@SEKCobra: Yeah, I mentioned I’m still working on the lights =)
@Tk1138: I have already googled that alot, there are some quite good sites containing pictures of the set.
@Lankist: If you give me model for the horn ;D

I agree with Lankist. Needs roof toilet.


And turn off the shadows on that plant.

Needs more light, and don’t use that stripey warning texture, use yellow if you can find it.

The thing is that there wasn’t any yellow ;D

I’m going to create a material for that later on, though

Include this too:

Of course ;D

lol i really REALLY need to buy all the scrubs set so i can jump on the :bandwagon:

Nice job so far, the same hospital was also used in the last episode of The Office when Pam was taken to the hospital and found out she was pregnant.

make a replica and I will erect a golden fucking statue encrusted with diamonds and bacon.

I’m surprised nobody spotted the map has a leak.

How would we notice? lol

The solid black blotch shadows and no light bounces.

Nice start so far. It’ll need some custom textures, definitely, but it’s still a good start on Sacred Heart.

Damn nice.

That’s normally the kind of thing that I would pick up on. I am losing my touch :frowning:

It’s cool but just a bit blocky.

But i fucking love scrubs! :smiley: