gm_seabase_alpha - the 2nd of my underwater base maps

The second of my underwater base maps. I responded to the suggestions given on these forums by making this one much bigger; it’s actually as big as the Source Engine would let me make it. However there is one source limitation that I simply cannot overcome:

THERE CANNOT BE A SURFACE!! If I make an underwater base with glass windows, there simply cannot be an above-water island or “elevator” like so many people suggested. I really tried to make one, but the main problem was that the env_fog_controller entities are server-side, not client-side. I can’t try to explain this, but just trust me.

There is coral, kelp, little coral fish (just in the base), and a sunken ship. I also threw in some underwater theme music to listen to as you explore the ocean floor.

Finally, I built an airlock to easily launch your submarine contraptions.

Here’s the download link:

Awesome man, but I think in the first map the sand/rock texture was better, this one looks too repetitive in my opinion. But still nice though!

That sand and plant texture looks horrible. Plus the map so far is very blocky and VERY bland. Needs new textures IMO.

the textures are …

id say, in the base, add a decompression chamber, and some sealable hatches

Trippy. Looks great.

looks much better than the other one =D thank you!

wait a sec… is it still in alpha? does that mean we can still give some ideas and suggestions?

It is very difficult to perfectly shape water volumes around just a simple cubic base.

For instance, 1 air-tight cube submerged in water in Hammer Editor requires 6 perfectly-shaped water volumes surrounding it, in order to make the illusion that the cube is, in fact, air-tight. Multiply this times 3 (which is basically this map), you are looking at 18 water volumes that must perfectly surround the shape of the entire building. That is why it is so “blocky”. Any and all adjustments that you make to the shape of the building requires a total re-adjusting of all 18 of those water volumes, and the room for mistakes is not very big considering how glitchy dealing with water brushes is.

Thanks for the compliments!

No, the “alpha” doesn’t mean it’s not finished, it just means that it is the first in a possible series of underwater bases I might make. The second would be “beta”, the third would be “gamma”, etc…

The original gm_sealab was just a test map to see just how popular an underwater map would be, which explains why it was sort of empty.

I think I just found my new favorite map.:smiley:

Can’t you just use the fog volumes in the water then normal/no fog on land.

That’s the idea, but if I did that, when someone on the server goes above the water, it would turn off the env_fog_controller for the entire server (even for people who are underwater). Hence the name “server-side”.

Damn, I was hoping for one themed in a way deeper part of the ocean instead of in a tropical reef area.

Work on it some more :3

not if you use volumetric fog for the ocean.

looks really cool man, good job

I love the style. Good job. Might want to make those textures less obvious (looping)though.

i like it :smiley: i like the textures and peoples dont diss them its hard to make sea sand textures :stuck_out_tongue:

there is no volumetric fog in the orange box engine

I love it :slight_smile:

It’s great for building submarines and exploring the sunken ship :smiley:
(which was the first thing, I’ve done when I downloaded this map ^^ )

Suggestions for a seabase_beta:

Caves to explore, maybe another, abandoned and partially flooded, base…

This map is MUCH better than it looks on the pics, but… the seaweed ain’t moving no more? :open_mouth: