gm_sealab - 1st Underwater Sea Base Map for Garry's Mod

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Hi everyone, yes I am still working on my gm_adventurers map, and it’s almost done, but I wanted to go ahead and finish this little project I’ve been working on since summer 2009. This is the first (to my knowledge) underwater sea base map ever made for Garry’s Mod. I had to create my own water textures, refract shaders, and skybox for this to work. It really took a lot of figuring out to get the water to look real through the giant glass windows, but now that it’s done, the so-called Source Engine “limitation” don’t seem like limits anymore.

This map is really an underwater exploration and build map, complete with several kelp forests to add to variety. The most beautiful feature of this map, however, is the custom water caustics on the sea floor. You’ll see what I’m talking about if you play it. The [unzipped] filesize is a bit large because of these caustics, which are actually self-illuminated and animated VTF files.

You will be able to go in and out of the sealab, and swim around in the open ocean. Also, I put in a few songs to add to the underwater atmosphere, that you can turn on and off. Here are the pics:

down loading!!

Not actually the first, but looks a damn sight better than the other one i can think of.

looks beautiful :slight_smile:


DAYUM! Nice.

Dang, that’s nice! how big is it? big enough for submarine combat, or just a little swimming around?

It’s about 3/4 the size of gm_flatgrass, to give you an idea.

Can we get a video of the caustics?

can you float the top of the water ? or is the hole thing under water???


The whole thing is under water.


Sure I’ll get one up on YouTube.

Just played it and I have to say it’s pretty nice.

The only complaint I have, and not your fault, is the refractions on the windows.
They affect objects in front of them as well. I really wanted to make an epic scene build of an office with big aquarium and now it wont work. :C

Any chance to make a version that does not include the refractions on the windows?


The caustics and other shaders look really impressive. Only thing I can think of to improve it would be possibly some better brushwork and texturing of the actual lab, other than that it’s really nice.

I can’t change the map now that it’s uploaded, but this might work:

start the map, go to console and type in sv_cheats 1

then type r_waterdrawrefraction 0

and see if that does anything.

If it doesn’t, then you could use PakRat to replace the file “tank_water_refract.vtf” located in sealab.bsp with another, non-refracting texture.

This is an awesome map. I just wish there were some more buildings or something. Other than that, its great.

If you need a short video showing it off and looking round, I can try and knock a quick one (video) up?


Already uploading one :smiley:


Now in HD :

brerben will you be uploading the textures that you used in this map?

Wow, I love it, the only two things I can suggest is:

  1. Make the map bigger, and add areas to explore.

  2. Make the music loop if possible.