Very large open ocean map, very good for submarine battles. Water gets up to 500 feet deep, and has a shipwreck you can explore. Features a nice canyon underwater, some flat areas, and some land to build on. Has a shallow bay and a wooden dock. I would post pics, but I don’t know exactly how on this forum :3


My 20 slot build server at is currently running it, and will most likely alternate between it and freespace.

I also intend on making more versions of this map.
Tips, advice, problems with the map, I would love it for you to post them here so I can try to improve it. Anyway, go download it and try it out, I hope you enjoy it.

Most people, ah, actually put a download to the map they’re releasing. I mean, maybe your intention is for us to get it from your server, but since you say it isn’t up yet…

edit: Ah, much better.

Post some pictures I don’t want to have to join a server to see what a map looks like.

No pictures, no download?

I would post pics, but I don’t know exactly how on this forum
You could read through the whole post.

Looks good at first glance, will check back later for more criticism.

I had, and when i had posted there was no download.
Just a server IP and that doesnt cut it here.

Well I edited the post to include a DL link. Does it not show up or something?

No, the link is there now. What to say? The shipwreck is a nice touch, but still it doesn’t look like there’s much to separate it from your standard flatwater, other than this canyon you speak of. Still, it’s nice to see some underwater topography, rather than a flat plane as the ground, or the occasional displacement.

It shows up, it just wasnt there when i posted.

I just got through playing this map. Pretty good mapping, very realistic looking bent parts of the sunken ship. I suggest maybe adding a bit stronger soundscape for the waves?