Map Deleted

Blocky, Fullbright flatgrass map #643894532.

Maybe you didn’t see this the first time, although I think you did and you’v just ended up so far-up your own arse that you wont do anything but troll someone for trying something they’ve never done before and was unable to finish

ahh here it goes. Another map releaser who will complain about your comment :stuck_out_tongue:
He just told your main mistake :stuck_out_tongue: Which is: it’s really fullbright.
Well I hope you at least know what it means.

Also don’t post your first maps. If you do then accept what people say even if it’s worst thing you have heard.


Btw my suggestions are:

Add window/door frames.
And assign textures correctly.
The image where you see like a secret thing, you can see a wallpaper texture is just flipped arround.

The windows don’t even line up. This is a joke.

I’m not trolling, I’m serious. This is another blocky, fullbright, flatgrass map that nobody wants to play. Never release your first maps, 99.99% of the time, it’s not good. Not only that, but you gave us an unfinished (and probably corrupted since Hammer couldn’t open up the .vmf file) map.

He probably used carve tool :stuck_out_tongue:



-out of proportion
-eye burning brushwork
-unaligned textures
-non-framed windows/doors
-bad use of textures

we need to start banning people for this. or at least make something pop up whenever you’re about to make a new thread in the mapping section.

A new map section
“First Map Wasteland”

You know the noobs will avoid it and go to releases.

For fucks sake. NEVER POST YOUR FIRST MAP! I’m getting tired of these maps.

Only on Facepunch…

EXACTLY! so then everyone who actually knows a thing or two about mapping will post in the first maps subforum, while the people with their actual first maps will want to be cool and go to releases.

It works every time!

[quote=“taydan04, post:1, topic:17625”]

This Is My First Ever Map, It Is A House with a secret passage containing an elevator and a really long stone tunnel leading to a flatgrass-like construction area. If people like the concept of this map I will make more. The Map wasn’t originally going to be released like this but the VMF file got Corrupted so I cant edit it or add anything to it.

The best solution then would be to not release it until it is of a certain quality. If the vmf got corrputed then it was telling you something…to bin it and start over.

Bloody awful.

It’s not really a secret when the entire map is based around the flatgrass part and has it in the name…

I don’t know, maybe i was expecting tips, suggestions or help from this COMUNITY. I do realise that I did not get chance to add dynamic lighting and sunlight to the map before it died. Now as I said; this is my first map, I understand what you mean by fullbright, okay so, What do you mean by blocky? Is there too many square parts? A lack of rounded objects? How would I go about adding a door frame? How do i stop textures from randomly flipping round for no known reason?

People should be able to put the first releases here so they can get help as that is the primary function of a Forum.


Its a good point XD I mainly made this map as a concept. to see if people liked the idea… but to be honest i think I’ll probably just stop mapping before I start

First releases are fine. But we expect a certain amount of quality, which this map does not have. We well give help, but things like this are so far back to basics that us giving tips is pointless.

Fine, Fair enough. Is there a way to lock threads here? Or do we just let it die or something? This is also my first thread ;D. And don’t worry, this is he last you’ll hear from me. As I’m obviously no good.

So don’t view the threads with the word “flat” in it.