gm_shifting_maze - a.k.a. You're Gonna get Lost

So, about a year ago I made a WIP thread for this map.

It’s been sitting on my harddrive doing fuck all since then, so I figured I should release it. It’s a fairly large maze, separated by hundreds of walls that randomly move up and down. I had to put a timer at the start of the map before the doors open so the maze has time to mix it up a little bit before the players walk out into it. Go play with your gameboy or something while you wait or set the host_timescale if you’re playing in single player.

Once you reach the exit, you can walk around above the maze and shoot at people down below or toss grenades at guys stuck in a cubicle. There’s a button that toggles all the walls up or down, and a button that opens all the walls at once.

I’ll be the first to say it’s not a pretty map, it’s kinda ugly, but it’s more about the fun really anyway.

Sped up video of an old version of the map:

And the download:

If anybody wants to make a public server, be sure to post the IP here.

That’s awesome. Definitely trying this one out.

Whoa, that looks awesome.

Wait, what happenes if the exit is cut off?
Then its impossible…and what if your trapped by all 4 walls?

But other than that is it a great map. Its origional, fun, and I don’t see many ways to cheat other than getting above the walls.

You wait.


How often to the blocks move?

The walls go up and down every minute or so, so if you get cut off just wait a bit and you’ll be able to get through.

Make it a L4D2 survival map :v:

Now this is awesome!

A great idea executed perfectly :v:


i can’t wait to try this.

Darn, I had an idea for a map like this, but you beat me to it!
Looks good though, gonna download. :slight_smile:

i’m already envisioning myself raining fire and zombies on unsuspecting players below :3

This should really have a permanent server host.
Also, this is made with a shitload of func_doors and a logic_timer tied to each one correct?
Also, 30 days till gold :smiley:
Also, is it noded?

Yep, just a bunch of func_doors and logic_timers.

And no, it’s not noded yet. I guess I should get on that though.

I thought it was annoying I had to wait for the clock to go in the maze.

I think u should also make sections of it burst into flames randomly, that would be pretty cool. Or else you could make zombies spawn randomly.

also. make the roof an npc clip. It would be awesome to have pockets of manhacks/combines swarming throughout the maze. your hole opens up and WHASHAM theres a shit ton of npcs shooting at you.
its lame when the manhacks just fly a level above the doors and then come down on you.

you should put a kill barrier so people dont hop on a rising wall and cheat.

Don’t the walls already kill you when they go up?

I’m probably going to fix that. Maybe I’ll just set the timers to go off a lot quicker for the first few seconds or something. I just didn’t think it was very fair that people could just rush out into the open room before any walls come up and get to the end first.

I got lost in 2 minutes