This is a fairly simple idea I had the other day. Basically, it’s a map split up by a grid of over 600 func_door walls, and each wall is hooked up to a logic_timer with a random value to toggle the walls to raise and lower into the floor.

The result is a large, dynamically shifting maze that works great for Deathmatch, playing with NPCs, and any other uses you can think of for a maze that constantly changes.

It’s nothing overly detailed, or exciting looking, but it’s still fairly fun to play on.

Here’s a highly sped up video showing the walls doing their thing. (This is with host_timescale at 20)

And an older screenshot from inside the maze. Notice the ceiling, you can see it from below, but not from above so the people viewing on the upper floor can see what’s going on down below.

I just thought I’d post it here, and see what people thought of the idea. If you have any ideas for additions, go ahead and post them here. I’m already planning to make a room with buttons to disable/enable the walls, and to close/open all the walls in the map.

That’s awesome. Very cool concept

And like you said, A main control room with buttons for certain walls would be nice.


I am programming a game mode, in which it pits a single runner against a mob. Could I use this?

Lua Triggers?

Great map! Very awesome! Awesome idea for a game-mode as well XD

but hows the lag? Are there any?

Will the walls ever despawn? Or are you fucked if you get closed in?

I agree with zyx, you should have it randomly spawn/despawn, making it even more random

I like idea of the map, i made something like this some time ago, but it worked horribly. Nice work on map, maybe make walls apperaring in bunches with random period of time(logic_case, PickRandomShuffle i believe toggling doors, but that is actually pain in the ass to do this way)?

Now add some lethal traps :q:

^ this. :v: Me wants new, maybe innovate traps, i kinda bored of crushers and spikes with lazors


He should watch final destination and saw, then start building traps, lol XD

Mmm, I’d have some fun with this for sure!

They toggle up and down randomly, so if you get stuck you can just wait a minute until you can get out.

And to hawkeye hawk:

There’s a very small bit of lag when a player pushes the buttons to raise/lower all the walls at once, but other than that it runs perfectly fine as far as I can tell.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!

I think maybe adding traps and triggers may ruin it, I can
see this map being amazing in a deathmatch.

Saw traps are not really traps, they are tests. They would not work in a maze like this.

It would be more like Cube, really.

But I already made a map about Cube, with traps an everything, so I think I’ll avoid them for this map.

Good choice, in my oppinion :slight_smile:

Make a crystal maze! OUT OF CRYSTALS! Nah but the walls as sexeh glass sheets would probably be nice.

Refractive glass that distorts your perspective on where they might be.