[release][tab]Name:[/tab] GM_ship

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Roleplay and building in the ship!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] PC, Gmod +(phx and lifesupport)

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

This is rolaplay and build map in the ship!
The admin can sink this ship in the small admin room.


0 Half flooded part.
1-2 Gargo, engineroom , utility.
3-4 Build deck
5 Lobby ,lifeboats ,jail
6 C-class rooms(6) ,bowling
7 B-class rooms(4) , restaurant,first aid.
8 Shops(gunshop ,foodshop,junkshop,free room for your shop),library.
9 A-class room , stage ,command bridge.
10 Deck.

Elevator goes on floors 5-9.

The sinking system is litle buggy. (When the ship are sinked the engine room is water free, doublewater ,see skybox in the water.

? Where are the admin room?
= Outside the map. Use noclip.

? Why i have wireframe problems?
= You can’t see phx materials because they can be in wrong folder.
Put the phx materials copy in this folder too:

Another way to sink!
ent_fire pul startforward
ent_fire pul startbacward
ent_fire pul stop
With sv_cheats on!

Now you can unsink this in normal version and stop and set speed!

if people want. I can make a gm_ship_sinkedition.

Check page 2 for sink edition!

Link to ship rp request:

compleate awesomeness :smiley:

Man that looks class! Great work!

Very nice! I would make the sinking a little slower, though.


I would make the the Sink_Edition.

I hope you like it:)

Best idea ever, swim while you eat.

Wheres is small admin room?

WOW! Very good work :keke:

Outside the map.

Is it able to raise once it has sunk? Because so far I can not get it to raise. Great map otherwise.

I am now makin special version of this. I never relase it public.

Nice map! i like it!

Nice map. I’ll DL it later but it looks nice from the screenshots.

Cool ship, you got my download.

Man you learn fast. Very good job.

Alarm! Alarm! Ship is sinking! alarm! All to the life boats!

Awesome. Downloading now.

Wow, this map is very cool :slight_smile: Mapping king for you good sir! Also, do life boats come off when it sinks so everyone can go to safety?

Best map I’ve ever seen, but I can’t find the “small admin room” can someone please tell me where it is?


I also saw that when you hit “e” on the lifeboats, they’ll drop, so if that answers your question than yes.

Looks great!