Gm_ship3 -Re-started, Re-designed

Yeah, I decided to re-start whole project and (hopefully) get this into

The map is based on luxury cruise ship in midle of sea.
And there will be lots of things to do.

Lowerdecks: 10%
Cardeck: 1%
Mid-deck: 15%
Promenade Deck: 5%
Upperdecks: 0%

Cabin types:
B-Class: Room with bathroom and without window.
A-Class: Same ,but with window.
Deluxe: Bigger cabin with 2 bedrooms.
Promenede: Same than Deluxe ,but in promenede deck.
Deluxe With Balcony: Just same than deluxe ,but with balcony.
Suite: 2 bedrooms and whirpool and big livingroom area.
Suite With Balcony: same ,but with balcony.
Presidental Suite: 2 floors with total of 4 bedrooms with whirpool (and sauna).

First bits:
Basic A-Class Cabin:


Thanks to:

If you want to help me to get this ready you can donate me textures/models and you will get kredit.

Awesome! :v:

Looks nice, I really like the design and detail.

But a suggestion, the lights in the hall would look better if you used a light_spot with a dim light under it and have a point_spotlight right at the bottom of the domelights and maybe some func_dustmotes.

Leave out the dustmotes, they’d make it look kinda run down.

Yeah that’s true, that is why i said maybe some dustmotes.:wink:

I am now fixing the lightning.

Old wooden doors? On MY luxury cruise?

Looks good. Very clean.

Yeah i need a re-skin of it.

Beautiful! :smiley:
Can’t wait to RP in this.

Looks awesome. :slight_smile:

Hope it gets released.

Hopefully it is less laggy that the previous versions. They 2nd on was GODLIKE… but nearly blew up my laptop…
And I can’t get a desktop, not when I have to travel around…

That’s fucking awesome! Hope you’re not making it a community project this time, as it seems to be much better quality if you make it all by yourself.

Get it released ASAP. And add waffles.

Ja pistä saunaan vihtoja.


Oh, by the way, I could maybe try and reskin it. Just tell/show me what kind of style you mean.

I need lots of reskins.

Much, much better than the previous design, keep up the good work.

You know i host on your gm_ship2

Also any known release date yet?

Nope, when it’s done.

Damn, I love it! Hope this will be good!

I think it would be nice if you made it less obvious that “this door cannot be opened, it’s painted on.” Always a good immersion breaker.

Needs better door textures.