Well this is a map from Smodtactical5.56 that i managed to port into garrysmod. i would have done it alot earlier when i first got smod but i didn’t know much about map making and porting lol

But! there’s a readme in the zip for installing and credits just make sure when you use this map give Credit to me and Smod Tactical!


Yes. I loved training in this map!

Thanks man :smiley:

I love that close quarters training building on the right side

Porting? Surely if it’s a bsp and supports the hl2 engine, then the only porting would be pulling it out of the smod directory and shoving it in gmod dir.

Yeah, it wasn’t necessary to “port” this into gmod. You could have just taken it out of the smod folder.

Thanks for porting, it’s a shame there isn’t longer ranges though.

Thanks for this, it’s good fun to test SWEPs on here.