Hey Facepunch!

I come before you to present a new abstract map by Sphinxa279. You may be wondering why I am posting the map and not him, truth be told he was in a hurry and it came to be that I shall post it for him.

As I mentioned it is an abstract themed map by the name of GM_Sibmor. Currently it is using dev textures which I personally think for this map is more suitable than ordinary textures. I must warn you that this map does have moving parts

The map can and may still be improved but I and Spinxa279 would love to hear your creative criticism and maybe not so creative if you have had a bad day. Once again all credit goes to Sphinxa279

The images don’t exist on photobucket’s side. Are you sure the URL’s are correct?

I am such an imbecile I was using the wrong link.

Just updated with new version and new pictures.

Sorry for double post.

Thanks Rombis for posting this for me, I had a fair bit going on, Plans at the minute are to smooth out the corners of each level, because all I done with them was clip a cylinder, with 8 sides, so I’ll smooth that out, suggestions would be nice as well people, I spent a fair few days on this map, I would love to spend even longer on it as I had so much fun making it.