Screenshots below
The map
This is just a prefab/concept map to showcase and share the Silent Hill "Fogworld to Otherworld transition effect I created and let people use it in their own maps. The reason it’s not just a simple box map is because I just felt like adding elements that looked like Silent Hill, to showcase the transition better, although you can still place this in MP or SP if you like. No teleportation involved in this transition, just a fade in/fade out of the screen and turning off of the light_environment, and having some surface areas and props change in the transitioning.

The reason
I love SH and I found a bunch of Silent Hill themed maps that were awesome, but could have had a better transition effect, or just didn’t have one at all. So I went ahead and made a map to give out to mappers to use in their own Silent Hill maps with an improved transition effect.

As I have quit the mapping/modding scene years ago, I did not want to spend much time on this. I already spent about 4 times the amount of time allotted, so I had to stop doing the extra exterior work and simply make sure the important part, the transition, was done well. Sadly, this means I had to leave some minor things out, undone, and a little glitchy in a couple places, and ran out of time to tweak them. So if you feel something should be changed about this map, I included the VMF file so you can make whatever changes you want, as this is the whole point of putting this together for the community anyway. enjoy :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


-.vmf file included so anyone can have this transition in future Silent Hill maps

-transition from Fogworld to Otherworld, happens automatically every 3 minutes, for 1 minute, and transitions back automatically :slight_smile:

-Things that appear in Otherworld only: Otherworld in intersection, monsters, tortured/mutilated bodies, warm light coming from underneath, steam.
-Things that appear in Fogworld only: fog & ash, Alessa effect, all solid ground, sky light.

-Fog & ash
-Monsters appear after transition, and burst into flames and disappear when the transition is over
-Monster sounds from SH movie
-“Colin” the orderly, dead body in bathroom stall comes alive in Otherworld
-Midwich school, including classroom, stairwell, and bathroom
-Enclosed, fenced in area from the SH movie where Rose gets attacked by grey children (find it outside by Midwhich school)
-street ends in broken cliff
-Siren sound from SH movie
-Alessa Gilespie (really just mossman doing the "look at me, I’m burning thing from the SH movie)
-button on fence to manually begin transition
-maybe some things I am not remembering anyway

—known bugs—

one of the spawn points in the wall, noclip to escape
No cubemaps

Use cubemaps do get the white glowing off. It looks dumb.

You’re right, I did forget about cubemaps, thanks for reminding me. But I’m done with this. I included the VMF file so you can make whatever changes you want, even make your own map with my transition effect :slight_smile:

i tryed this it’s ok for a first but it’s blocky and the cubemapping is messed up

This is known bug, please read description before posting.

And If you wanted a hex of the Pumpkin Night Pumpkin beasts, why didnt you ask me, I made them

swiss_che i’ll send you a PM about your pumpkin model

also i had to use the buildcubemaps 1 to play this map

It’s too plain.

Lol, as I said in the description “…if you don’t like something about this map or want anything changed I included the VMF file so you can make whatever changes you want :)”

Since you posted something negative even after reading the description (unless you didn’t) I’m assuming you’re gonna take the .vmf file I included and make your own map, or at least make your own version less “plain”.

I’m excited to see what you come up with, feel free to post screens here, cheers :slight_smile:

People suck at reading.

I adore the mood, looks very nice.

Hey thanks man, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Transition, eh?
I might make improved version soon, buahahaaa.

Don’t worry, swiss_che, i’m going to make my own version.

I read it. I don’t know mapping. Now you can’t say that “Make better map and show it to me.” because i want to criticize. I didn’t say that it’s bad or anything.

Now i can say it: Balls of STEEL.

Translated: I can’t be bothered to respond to criticism so just make the map better yourself.

Yeah I’ve seen that on here, looks awesome man. planning on adding a transition?


If I handed you a cookie on a napkin, would you talk shit about how the napkin wasn’t good enough? No 'cause then you’d look stupid. And since you guys aren’t stupid I’m assuming that people complaining that this map is unfinished/gitchy/missing things after I already disclosed that it is, in fact unfinished/gitchy/missing things, that people aren’t reading the description. 'Cause if you did, you’d know that this whole thing was about the transition effect for other mappers to use in their own maps, or take the general template of this map and use it as the foundation of one, and not about details of the map itself. This was meant to be studied and dissected, not really to be “played” although technically you can. I see you didn’t get that either, but that’s OK, I still love you guys :slight_smile:

Anyone have anything to say about the transition itself? That was, after all, what this thing is about :slight_smile:

Now if I remember, I sent you a couple messages about your map. Have you simply ignored them?


Attack of the lube zombies?

Then I have no more business with the likes of you.

No, no, no, kid.
I just dont bother to answer “plz make a cool map, and give credits to me. ok? =) =)” - questions.