So ok, I know I know you will look at this and say WTF?
Well you can say that, because I didn’t do any attempt on this, well I did 3 years ago, because this map is maded 3 years ago, it was on hl1 engine, but finally I found my lost map and attempted to convert it to hl2 engine, yeh it’s not rocket map, but it’s my first map, seriously. Very first my map. It’s a Simpsons map, which you can use just to fight with each other, throw over granedes etc…
In middle of it you better don’t jump, it’s toxic water. You also can break that Amusing clown, just shot him :stuck_out_tongue:
I am planning to make it for css as well, because when I made this map, It was for cs 1.6 , And you know, it’s really fun. Also I don’t take criticism in this one, because I won’t be remaking it, just because it is my FIRST MAP which I want to leave as it is. Yeh you can type here a lot of stuff like you should do that, why you didn’t add that etc… I am ok with that. Thanks
yeh it has HDR, also.


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Ha Ha Ha! Nice!

If you post a map in this forum, you are going to get criticism.

If you don’t want criticism go post it on FPSBanana or something.

The first map excuse doesn’t cut much ice here either. The lighting is terrible, the angle from the sun is all wrong, use this as a guide for your skyboxes and light settings:
Also you need to add _HDR to the end of the skybox name to stop it looking like ass.

Now onto the map itself. I wouldn’t play this map out of choice. Certainly not in GMod. It might be sufferable for 10 rounds on some god-awful CSS server somewhere, but there’s hardly anything to do here. Added to that it’s made up of about 20 primitives and looks accordingly bad, you seem to be making negative progress.

ahh whatever you say :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t care. I said it’s map maded 3 years ago. hello? don’t know how much it is?

If it’s so old and god-awful, why bother post it?
You’re just getting your name associated with shitty mapping.

it’s alright. (for grenade throwing :smiley: )

I’ve played this in CS:S. Fun if you’re playing gun game.

I don’t see much to say about this map other than a suggestion to add more things to it.

Shite :3

Very good for your first map…

for first- good

Well done.

It’s a tad empty, but it looks really good. An above average first map in my eyes

It’s another simpson map for CS:S which looks just like them all.
I am not impressed

HDR is completely unnecessary in this case.

duffy duff