As the title suggests, this map is simple.
It has four divided sections:

  1. Flat area, because every construction map needs one.
  2. Watery area, obviously for ships or floating fortresses
  3. Cliff area, for testing wall-climbing vehicles or for building into/on
  4. Rolling hill/cliff area, for testing that All Terrain aspect of your contraptions, and because Zombieland is a great movie.*

The sky is pretty large, it’s good enough for building and testing planes.

Also, beta tested for guaranteed enjoyment :slight_smile: link

Note: The map has been taken down for now, I’m working on a new and improved version.

*map does not have anything to do with that movie

It looks useful to maybe you and your friends, but it certainly isn’t a tour de force work of art.

Well you know, I didn’t exactly mean this to be Grade A beef, but it’s still a useful map. It’s large and has a good variety of terrain to test contraptions on.

Also, if you could tell me what you think is wrong with it, that’d be great :slight_smile:

I like it, i might use them, specially for offroad trucks :smiley:

i like it, useful to build on, nice sky. And yes, zombieland is a great movie