gm_singlehouse - my very first map

Today I finished my very first map. I call it gm_singlehouse even I won’t release it for workshop.
It is only one house, but I think it is decent. The lighting is not perfect and I did not want to add any furniture. (if I ever use the map in SFM or Gmod)
But it is my first map so I am bit proud of it.
PS. I need opinions, tips etc if I want to improve

I don’t have the very latest screen shot, but its not too old. Also the angle and fov is strange, sorry. Only things missing in the screenshot are few plants, cubemaps and lights inside the house.


Try not to bump without content. It’s frowned upon here. I know the mapping section is horribly slow, but FP is really uptight with posting etiquette for a good reason.

Just downloaded it and took a look. Not bad at all for a first map.

You’re looking for some tips, so here are mine:

-Your walls are a bit on the thin side, and the whole map in general seems cramped. About twice the thickness for the walls would be a good place to start, and don’t be afraid to spread the map out a little more.

-Like the walls, the steps inside the house are a bit small. By making the steps larger, you will also not have to use so many of them. The door that leads to the steps also feels out of place to me, but maybe that’s how houses are built where you live.

-This is a bit nitpicky, and no one will notice it without noclip, but your displacements seem to have textures on all six sides, including the ones under the map that no one will see. Try to get into the habit of applying the nodraw texture to everything a player isn’t going to see. If you start getting into making huge resource-intensive maps, nodrawing things that don’t need to be seen will save you a ton of headaches.[/thumb]

One last thing, you should add a bit of an overhang to your roof. It helps it look a great deal less blocky. Here’s a horrible MSPAINT scribble to help illustrate what I mean.


Otherwise, again, this is a fine job for a first map.

thanks ! I left the displacement like that, because I thought it works better that way, but I guess it doesn’t work any better.

Looks nice!
Im also working on a map called mu_in_mason_town The only reason its that is because it goes after my name and community and its a little town. It’s a WIP but the workshop release is available.
PS: Its my first map as well.