hello iam new mapper and i try mapping this map i made for 3 days.
(my eng sucks ! D: )

photo :

Looks like a generic Flatgrass/Construct map to me. Good to see that you have the basics, but people around here prefer things that have a lot more detail.

For the buildings, you should add more detail to the walls. Even if you added support columns in areas like this:

Then it would have basic detail, and look better. :smile:

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thanks!!! :slight_smile: i do it :slight_smile:

Better grass would be good, The grass you have is just a strain on my eyes!

Also, we have a releases section for a reason.

All lights need a source, and none of the rooms make much sense.

It might be an idea to start hitting tutorials. If you can’t follow the written ones, look up any video tutorial that is NOT 3kliks. So that would be things like: (has a few on the site) (mainly concentrating on i/o systems)

I really like the second picture… but yeah use some tutorials, IamAsparagus is great:D USE HIM. I know I do:D

What are those white spots on the wall? If it’s light, you should add models or something so the light isn’t, for me, coming on as anonymous with no history.

73 dld’s :smiley: Nice

The spots are caused by light entities being too close to the wall and causing that glare.

Just noticed in your second image, the doors are clipping into the light models.

Oh, and the darkironphoenix channel is being updated fairly regularly (way too much time on my hands- i end up looking at 3kliks and then remaking his tutorials so they are correct)