I want to thank everyone that helped me reach over 20 thousand downloads. <3

Okay yeah, finally it’s finished! D:
It’s just a simple skyscraper with a lot of effort put into it.

There is a teleportation elevator that can be toggled on and off to take you to the top floor.
I wanted to make one very detailed floor, not a million of them, so don’t expect the entire inside of the building to be enterable.

Don’t blame me for the weird glass reflections, believe me, I’ve tried to fix them.
If you know of a solution, please post it here and the file will be updated:


Please do post criticism, ideas and bug reports! Have fun!

I wanna see some videos and comics of this map!
Here’s an example:
(Not made in finished version of map)

Another level of mine if you liked this one:

Does the entire tower have a modeled interior?

That looks amazing.

Heh I wish! Just the top floor buddy.
It took me forever to individually customize the work desks.

the lobby reminds me of the nakatomi skyscraper lobby from diehard

It’s been modeled off of an IBM skyscraper.

oh ok

Just walked around it to check it out, I gotta say you did a great job on this. The level of detail is quite nice. Didn’t really notice and bugs but it would’ve been nice if there was a functioning elevator.

It would have taken too long. I wanted people to be able to get props up and down easily

Yeah that seems to be a standard in (really!) tall buildings these days.

Slow is cool too~

But damn amazing job in any case. Guess I will just have to use the spacebuild elevator.

You could have the teleport elevator and then a real elevator too. Just a idea.

Yeah I took that into consideration. If elevators weren’t the most difficult things to build in Hammer, then I would have taken the time to make one.
The next version will be a sci-fi version of the skyscraper, that will have a working glass elevator.

Good work Paw, I love this map.

Elevators are easy to build :smiley:

Yeah I have loads of tutorials, just got to totally redo the structure of the skyscraper to slot a working elevator shaft in. It’s all built to be static at the moment.
I had loads of people begging me to release it NOW, so unless you wanted me not to release it, there’s not much I can do about it unless you wait for the newer version.

Func_elevator doesn’t exist outside of L4D…

I will be sure to check out the new version once you finish it. The elevator thing was just an idea I thought would be neat. Again, nice job on this man.

Edit: Sorry, that was a bad tutorial to pick. He would have to make it a func_tracktrain instead or whatever it is called (don’t have Hammer open right now).

Oh boy, oh boy!

69 downloads? That’s a lot! Thanks guys o.o;