This is a product of one month of working on this map, and half a year of planning;
plesae go easy on me because this is my first official map.

** UPDATE: Elevator glitches at floors: R and P, please bear with me ill get this fixed, also this map can crash your Garry’s mod easily due to overlapping textures and objects. **

To install this extract to:

(Driver that you installed it to usually C):\Steam\steamapps<Steamusername>\garrysmod\garrysmod

This map was created by me, skippy.
I did everything in it, textured it, built it, but i did not create the elevator.
(Elevator creator made the elevator for people to put on their maps)

It is still a beta and there will be bugs and glitches.


*Please forgive me that there is no 3D skybox,
i tried by building a 3d skybox that stretched out across all of the xy axis with a mountain.
But, since the tower is so tall no matter what i do you can still see the skybox.

*Out of my controll glitches
-Some glitches like the door of the pool bar having a black texture at the end when open
is something out of controll that i cannot fix.
-The elevator texture messing up at the ground floor

*I did not include any props because,
A- I want to give you to freedom to optimize this map with your own decoration and own props.
B- My hammer was giving custom models black and purpule textures even though the textures are properly installed.

I’m open for sugestions.
Issues i need to work on:
*Optimizing more
*Textures (I suck at texturing)

In other news i keep getting an error in the map, that i need to find a fix for.

#Half life 2: Episode 2
#A good Computer


Looks pretty good.
** ONE ** thing though Use light_spot, They are better than lights an give it abit more realism.

Thanks for your feed back! I was experimenting with lightspot and light, and to me they both looked the same but in the next release ill change all the lights.

Dont do it on all of them just ones like ceiling lights an stuff.
Also mess around with the light preview to optimize :smiley:
View>light preview I think it is.

I gave the lights a yellowish/blueish effect but ill take your feedback into consideration on the next update :smiley:

Ummmm could i have the .vmf i want to check some of the map out and see what i can do XD

well to start, that first pic gave off a ‘Cclient Render overload’ error which already means Source has too much to render. More optimization brushes are needed, try setting up some fog. gm_bigcity had this problem and it crippled the framerate on low end computers because their hardware couldn’t keep up with the Source engine and the Rendering. So a 3D skybox was out of the question in the first place.

Ill release the vmf when the map is 3 days old.

Thank you for your feedback, and i said i need to optimize more but this is just a beta so people can see what im trying to do.

I agree optimize the map abit.
Make sure nothing overlaps.
If your an experianced mapper I suggest adding area portals at things you shouldn’t see thru.

For optimization i used alot of no-draw on textures where players cant see.

That helps But if you didnt it on the outside of the skybox it doesnt.
Source automatically doesn’t render that.
Unless theres a leak.

Only from the inside not from the outside

Again with this;
Nodrawing everything is useless. VBSP culls backfaces automatically if they are touching other faces. Nodraw is only good for roofs that the player will never see. Or the other side of a room. Stuff like that.

So what should i use for optimization?

Nice first release,
I miss some textures on the elevator, and your columns suffer from the minimal size required for some brushes, I suggest you take a look at Propper to fix this.
And of course it could definitely use a big 3D skybox, as the roof is quite pointless right now.
And what about letting people see outside from the elevators ? could be fun
Waiting for update :slight_smile:

“-The elevator texture messing up at the ground floor”
that’s because the world ground and the elvator floor are at the same level and thus get mixed, make the ground lower.

Also take screenshots on highest detail.

In this case screen-shots don’t really matter, just download it and see it your self.
Also as i said i had it finished, but i rushed it at the end i spent 7 hours fixing bugs, and issues yet i couldn’t fix all bugs. I just want to release it before i go to school because it will be difficult to work on it anymore, so in case i wont be able to work on it ever again here is a prototype of the map.

Screenshots do matter.

Who cares? I Still nodraw stuff even if it is touching the void or other faces.