Slide map from top to bottom

Features 2 big ramps, jumps over water, terrain, and WORKING quarter pipe and loop the loop!!


Yes, it’s blocky in parts…
It isn’t meant to look amazing.
There are no leaks, it runs really smooth and the design is not wonky
Its a bit square, but it’s fun and not badly designed, everything is placed well without holes and off grid brushes.
I dont care if its blocky.

Doesn’t look half bad, actually. Simple, but the lighting is fair and actually looks like fun. My only recommendation is some form of 3D skybox so you can’t see the bottom solid-color square of the 2D skybox. Anyway, got my download :wink:

Oh, and I have to ask for a Mirror, if possible. has slowed to KB a second for me.

Could use more realistic lighting.
And a 3d skybox.
I’d go with an evening skybox for this map
Needs moar hdr

Thanks guys

I wont be editing anything - as it is released, possibly make a V3 one day, if i cba.
Thanks for ideas, ill use them for the next version.

Not bad, but it definitely needs better texturing for that slide thingy.

A 3D-skybox or a custom skybox texture (space themed or something like that) would be good too.

Yea, that’d look awesome, i don’t know how to do that unfortunately.
Agreed on the better texturing too, but trust me, they would NOT line up for toffee… so i just reset their values.

Thanks for looking!! :slight_smile:

Very noice and functional. But like the others, I say the map would benefit from better lighting.

This would be great for sliderace.

That’s the main purpose! :wink:

How do you slide down it? Ragmod? Standing?

Make a prop, or vehicle, make it superice, and slide away.

how do i superice??

link if download thing thanks :smiley:

Physical Properties tool.

Looks nice but it needs a 3D Skybox hope you make one in the V3 version.

You got my download.

Like everyone is saying, a 3d skybox would be nice, but excellent effort

Well, thanks for all the nice comments :slight_smile:

I reckon, now that i know this is a reasonably big hit - 2500 downloads - (My biggest ever aaah!) =P - that i will make a V3 when i have the time.


This map is pretty sweet, but when/if you make v3 can you make a prop of some sort to slide with? I cant find an easy way to go down the slide without flipping, etc. Thanks


WATCH THIS!!! Its going thru this map with a hoverboard and with slomo!!! really cooooool watch HD

The only thing i would say about this is you need to make the invisible celing higher, because i dont really go that high and i hit celing

@PopKid, it’s like, so hard to make it flip, just make it a flat prop, seat on a blast door, simple.

@Boomheadshot, that’s pretty cool :slight_smile: Would you be able to change the title so instead of ramp map it says gm slide? or something, please =3

Just needs better texture on the ramp, and it’s pretty good.