gm_slopes map for sailplanes, gliders and cliff jumpers

I released this map after many people asked for it. I made the fog white so that it looks like a realy bright day with no fog. but the visibility is about 1 mile becuase of that. heres avid i shot on it:

its downloadable at

It’s best to provide a link for your stuff. Sometimes it can be hard to find amongst the hundreds of stuff at

Great purpose - creating something, instead of just staring at some nice eyecandy.

ok. il get the link. But i dont think people will download it. since there are so many hundreds of maps out.

When deciding weather or not to download a map, i do not want a video showing me someone making an aircraft. Three screenshots is usually enough to show the map in its entirety.

No pics, no clicks.

Although you must agree that the airplane, though simple, looks cool, and that the video shows off the map pretty well. Plus, I liked the music.

You got a download.

The road at 2:30 - 2:34 made me barf. D;
(To be specific, the sides of it.)

I like your sailcraft, and the way you filmed the flights however. ;D

Your texturing needs some work. The runway is sticking out of the ground too far and the textures on the side are poorly aligned. The texturing in that big brown room in the beginning of the video is horrible, always use a different texture on the walls and floors. Your displacements are okay, a bit sharp in places but not terrible.

The lightning isn’t anything special, but it isn’t bad or annoying, either.

Overall, not bad, and it’s purpose is unique and useful. Will download.

Well this is only my 7th map. So I know its not very good.


I don’t know if that’s worse than saying “this is my 1st map so it sucks, kthx bai”.

You know the basics, and you’ve executed most of them fairly decently. Yet all we are trying to do is tell you where you can improve. You just have to say 1 simple thing:
“Thanks for the suggestions, i’ll see which ones I can work into my map”.

Meanwhile if it was your first map, most newbs believe they can just leave utter shit on this wall, and it’s fine because they are still learning. Yet I don’t exactly understand their “train of thought”.
Let’s say you were an artist, who’s just starting out with drawing. You’ve done a couple of paintings here and there, but they were never really good compared to a lot of the other paintings you have seen.
Would you show your painting that has some mistakes all over it to an art museum, or would you just get laughed at? Same thing applies to this forum. Imagine that this is the museum of maps, and the community are the art directors.

Whether it’s your; 1st map, your 7th, or even your 200th, every map could do with some improving. Yet it falls on you to actually make the improvements. It is your map after all. ;D

(Lecturing is fun. ;D)

No You understood me wrong. I am greatfull and I have fixed everything that you guys told me should be improved. But I also know that facpunch isn’t the nicest of all places. It has improved 10 fold though.

Do a 3d skybox, I hate that fog.

Really nice video. :D.

Also nice map.

Depends as what you count as nice. If you don’t like people being honest about maps, and telling you what you don’t really want to know, then i suppose in that respect we are not nice.

very awesome sailcraft, just fix ur side road texture

No thats being nice. but before facepunch had the makeover it was hell.

Love this map! Absalutly fantastic for everything that flys.

This map looks really, really fun, just from that video. You sold me @ 2:46.
Cliffside buildings = Win. Also, I love the fog. Don’t get rid of it.

This map is awesome! flying gliders around on this is very calming and fun :slight_smile: good job dude.