gm_smallgrass map

A little map I made called gm_smallgrass.

I’m not really “experienced” with hammer, so if someone would like to … say … “school” me on it, I’d really appreciate that.


Do not reupload this…! It is MINE! D<

Instructions: Copy the garrysmod folder into your garrysmod directory. ex:
c:\Program Files \Steam\steamapps\yoursteamid\garrysmod
Program Files (x86)

then it should work.

You might have to build a cubemap after running it… if so, just go into the console, and type “buildcubemap”

oh god my eyes

repeating textures and fullbright are bad m’kay

do you know what fullbright even is

on some days

I’m not terribly “experienced” with hammer… so if you can tell me how to not make the textures repeat like that, that’s be great! :smiley:


and besides… if i understand what your saying, i dont have it on fullbright.

i have a light_env shining directly down.

then, there’s those lights in the building.

its not fullbright.

if you were to turn the lights off, itd be dark.

Do you know what the Face Edit panel is? When you are in there, you can udjust the scaling of a texture on a brush, though having it too high will result in stretched textures, which look like ass. or you could look for larger resolution textures that have a better pattern on them, though you would have to pack them in with the map.

You should tweak your env_sun so it isn’t pointed straight down, and has a colour and aimbience, pick a different skybox (use the SDK wiki), then set the env_sun’s values to match what is documented (same page as the skybox list methinks).

Wow! That helped alot! Thanks! :smiley:

I’ll update the map nao.

Okey, its good for first map, but I don’t have any reason to download this :slight_smile:

It’s blocky, the lighting is disgusting, and it’s pretty bland.

It’s just for … y’know … itty bitty projects. :wink:

Now you need to work on detailing, instead of just creating a block and being done with it, think about how you would see it in real life, there would be bits sticking out, stairs would have railings, lighting would have a source (lamps, wall mounted lighting, hanging lights). These will improve the map a lot if you add them.

Let’s just be honest. How many people do you think are REALLY gonna download this and use it on a regular basis? Something like this will end up being deleted from someone’s maps folder no longer than a week after they use it. Try waiting until the map is very impressive before uploading it. The last thing we need is yet another small/boring construct map.

Oh dude, I love this map. I’m going to play it every day.

Could you really not think of something more creative to make than just Generic GM_construct clone #23453? This has been done so many times before.

it doesnt look too bad, ill download it and see wat i can do on it

why doesn’t everybody stop criticising him its a good map. its harder than you think to make a propper map with out lots of lag
its actuley realy good because it never lags

1: Without criticism he will never get better.
2: No it isn’t.
3: No it isn’t.
4: The reason it never lags is because it has absolutely NOTHING in it.

i like to see you do better


and it never lags even when i put a thousand zombies

Ignore them, they dont understand that it’s one of your first maps. You’ll get better at mapping later, if you keep on trying


Read these websites, they have nice tips for newbies and tutorials useful for pros:

It’s REALLY not hard to do better. Why are you so fixated on mapping be hard as shit? Making something better than this would take less than an hour, and can be done in a small 512 units cube (as the mapping section has proven).