This is my second map. So don’t expect it to be a great map, or anything close. I’m still learning Hammer.

Anyways, its a small house with a pool in the backyard.

Further description, screenshots, and download:

I would really appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, I’m really looking for some constructive feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Best advice i can give is to go outside and look at some houses. They are not all just made from square blocks. Add curves, add props, add detail.

Your house also has no windows?

I never really figured out how to make curves (which explains the blockiness) but I have no excuse for me not putting windows. I guess that was just me being dumb, haha. I’ll keep all that in mind, thanks.

Not anything special, keep working on it man.

Learn how to make curves if you dont know how to

Hey, it’s me, xFROzENFUSiONx.

Just add curves, details, and props, like they said, it it would be so much nicer.

And all of that stuff I typed up on the comment site.

Doorframes, details, windows. Start there.


Don’t stretch your wall textures so much.

Quit mapping or quit releasing. You choice !

Pst! You’re meant to encourage mappers :v:

Who said so ;D ? I just hate when my map is uploading longer to cause of many useless maps like this are uploading massively all the time


What’s the point of this post ? You just told him to read what people said above and you also told him to read comment on what he will do anyways.

Useless post.

True, you are right good sir.

This ^

Obviously here you are a useless person.

I’d like to see an updated version of this, private or released.

Yes, because a house map has never been made before, we surely need another one.

You’re supposed to tell him what to improve on and give him C&C, not just bat-shit insult him, what are you 12?

Mhmm, an insult about age, you must be what, retarded?

Netheous is right, releasing your first maps is a horrible idea.

I think trolling people is cool too!

I want to see how he has improved. Obviously no one else does, considering you are all just flaming him.

The point is, my first map that I made never got released, my over 20th map got released and it was my first map that I put on wild. He probably release first thing he placed skybox on.

Go and learn the definition of flaming please.


Telling him not to release his first maps = Advice.

Pretty much what most have said before, add detail, windows, doorframes, trees outside.

And make the inside walls a little fatter, they look like they are made of paper now.