[release]** This is a final release **
I lost the incitive to work on this map along time ago.
But I made alot of custom textures for it, Spawn some trees/foliage from hl2 on the map an you’ll see all of the custom textures I compiled into this map.[/release]

** Images **



Another hallway shot:

  • Click Images to enlarge them. *

  • Unless my memory fails me this shouldnt have any bugs, Or mapping problems. *

Unless I uploaded the wrong compiled map…

I uploaded my map a month ago I forgot what edits I did after I uploaded it, I may compile the current bsp, since I fixed a few shadow errors an overlapping problems.


  1. This map is a dead WIP

  2. Please list any errors/mistakes

  3. It Is ai noded if I uploaded the right version.

  4. Enjoy * Constructive Criticism only. *

  5. It began as a test map an turned into a small build map (Eye-candy)

[release]Download It Here

My 4th map. [/release]
Any “Trolls” Or people who just vote it dumb without stating why are not welcome and should just fuck off.

So if anyone wants to contribute tips or advice on what todo next just comment below. Otherwise dont bother to even rate the thread.

Honestly you should have kept this unreleased. I’m assuming this is a first map. Keep working, you are well on your way.

Well, This was my 4th map, But Ive made others.
But im still learning, I always release my maps to get peoples suggestions and…Get tips of course.
But this map was done quickly, a half an hour to an hour at the most.
Then I just noded it an textured everything (I Learned to make blends because of this map)

Geeeeee… another construct map ? That is one of the reasons why there aren’t THAT many RP maps

Should have worked on this some more before releasing it. :wink:
At least you know the basics though.

Another generic gm_construct_flat_hill_snow_beta_x1337x

Not a construct map. Is it named gm_constuct_snow? nope its a courtyard like youd see between buildings.
An its snowy. I made it as practice a while back an I released it.

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Wtf are you going on about, Its a courtyard, with alot of work put into it.(In a short amount of time) Dont troll.

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[release] It was made quick, An it was for practice. I mean its kinda advanced for somthing so simple.
Snow fall ( ashs and func_precip.) An the custom textures I made, And the blend displacment texture Again which I made. :bandwagon: [/release]

gm_ maps are almost always construct or for show.

This was made for show, Nothing more but I figured, theres enough area to build. So I released it an decided to make a thread for it. Just to see what kind of replys it would get.
Im not happy with the replys so far.

Good night for today at least, Feel feel to leave criticism.

It’s not about being happy with them, its about taking them on board and working to improve.

Custom textures don’t mean jack. If the map is boring or work has not been put into it (half an hour is not long enough) then you will get these sorts of replies.

I mean noones given me criticism, Just making fun of the map its self… OR the idea.
Id like criticism on the map its self. I put more than an half an hour into it. more like 3. But thats the total after cleaning up brush work an stuff like that.

The point was to make a good looking map, Not a map that you’d explore.

Make it less blocky, by maybe trimming off some of the corners and adding stuff to the walls like pipes. Decals work a treat too.

Well, that’s the thing that comes to mind when I looked at it. Good luck. :buddy:

Still not enough time spent. Time spent = quality.

And you have had crit, you just won’t take it on board. Its small and boring.

Thats what I as looking for, Actually criticism. :smiley:

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Small and boring isnt saying, why its small and boring.
I mean say what you dislike and why. Plus for a map thats for show why should it matter if you think its boring? Its meant to be nice too look at.

But it.s not nice to look at either. It is a small and boring icy courtyard.

This is small and snowy, but has a lot more interest and no customs:


Snowy weather is never that bright.

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It nearly blends in with the page

Sure it is, Its better than full white out at least.
My maps meant to simple, an look good. ( More or less practice )
In your opinion its not nice to look at. I like it an I made it for me to practice with, If you dont like it then whatever, At least you’ve criticized it.
Which has helped. I know now that its (" blocky " " boring " “small” )
Blocky,Its a square courtyard, Am I supposed to make its a circle? Its a courtyard. (An most are square in real life. Some are round with pillars an such though.)

Boring, Its small an has little detail. But uses custom textures. (Since I dont has Cs:s I made my own textures.)

Small, Its a courtyard that doesnt connect to any buildings. I could add buildings that have alot of detail to it. (Like an office? Or a small house?)

Well feel free to post any errors you find in the map, Or ideas for expansion.

The blizzard fades in and out, but its really hard to get an image of oddly.

I understand that I guess. But isnt that map using css textures??