[release]This was a map I made for xmas (I know it is not the best map but I wanted to make a christmas map)

[img_thumb] [/img_thumb]
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Download link
(put the gm_snowball_castles into your maps folder)

youtube link

(Whats on this map)

[ul]2 castles made of ice

A long swiming pool

lots of snow

A enterable building

The sun[/ul]

enjoy :roflolmao:[/release]

I… I don’t know what to say.
Its probably the oddest and blockies map I’ve seen.
There are no light-sources. At all.
The “sun” is an orange ball.
The map just stops into mid-air, like it was a part cut out of earth.
Its a square-ish map with 2 blocks in the middle, a “house” in one edge and a “sun” on the other.

Well it is still a map and fun for snowball fights

Wich could be held in much better maps too.

It is a map for christmas not an amazing painitng.


the people of gmod are way to stubon and boring. They just don’t like to be nice about anything. It must be the most amazing best thing on gmod or they don’t like it.

Thats because people actually have expectations. You would be dissapointed if you’d get a cardboardbox as a present for christmas, wouldnt you?

no actualy i would find that funny if i got a cardboardbox for xmas.

But think about it. It is a small map for xmas it was never ment to be an everybody is waiting for map now was it.


Oh and I have a friend making the map beter for me.

If you post it on facepunch, it means you want critisism. I gave you my honest opinion.

Oh, and you should have a friend making your spelling better for you.

Im dyslexic

He sent me it, and i’ve been trying to fix it since. You don’t wanna know how much he messed up on the building…

Thats what they all say.

How in the bloody hell can you mess up a hollow block?

He made each peice seperatly, and it didn’t even slot together properly.

Oh dear…

It was a hollowed out giant block not individual peaces


and fuck off i am dyslexic i even go to a special needs school to help out with it douch bag

You can’t blame everything on dyslexia.

Similar story, but i’m autistic. My point is -> No one cares.

and i see your point

lol, internet.