gm_sourcenet - Source networking library

New version.

looks good :smile:

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I like the module <3

Another great release Chris.

Holy crap this is awesome.

Chris strikes again.

Lol flapjack and his anti-cheat in lua.

Great module indeed.

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They need improvement.

Chris… what have you done?

You’ve just given all the scriptkiddies of GMod the power to do very horrible things.

You’ve also provided ways to prevent them from doing horrible things, which sort of undoes the above.

Anyway, awesome work!

This is some very nice work chris good job

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Also, nice module. Good job. :biggrin:

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For people who want it, this code was written by Chris and put in another topic, to kick players without using Player:Kick(). I thought I would post it here in case anyone ever looks at this module or needs it or something.


local ply = FindMetaTable(“Player”)

function ply:KickX(reason)

I can see lots of interesteing stuff being made with some detailed documentation!
For example what does obj:ToBase() return?
I can make it all out from the source, but i dont think everyone know where to search or understand.
I’ll fix that sentence up