gm_space_v1 OR "Fuck normal textures I'm going to SPACE."

Okay, so this is my first map release, so don’t go all apeshit on me for that, but as always, constructive criticism is welcome.

The map was not designed for any specific game modes, but you can use it for RP, maybe sandbox, and whatever else you guys feel you can use this for. All custom content from the pk02 pack is Pakrat’d into the .bsp so you’re good to go!

one brain cell

And lastly the download:



It appears that some people have missing textures and for some the map is downright unplayable. I’m not sure what’s causing the problems, but I’m looking into them. Please feel free to download, as your likely to not have problems.

Looks pretty nice to me.
But it needs more prop details. The textures are nice, but they won’t fill up empty spaces.

I agree a little sprucing up is in order I think. But over all I like the looks of it, especially the lighting. I’ll certainly download it when I get the chance.

Reminds me of Space Station 13 some how.

Nice job.

i have hl2, got steam, got braincell…why it’s still not working properly?

Did you extract it to your maps folder?

So basically this is what my map look like


My god. This is your first mapping release? It’s brilliant!

Nice Map. However I had some missing textures while I tried it.
Please add me to friends. I would like to talk to you.

From the OP screenshots, it looks amazing. Reminds me of TCOR: Dark Athena

It reminds me of Mass Effect 2. I agree with you though, this is an awesome map.

Congratulations. You make a map for TRON.

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good map,but your missing textures and if any, models. I recommend using something like Packbsp or something to put the models and materials into the map, then people wont have to get any additional addons or anything.

For some reason it makes me think of Moon…

I love that film! Fantastic!

The textures are top-notch, but I agree, you would need more props and others to fill up the space. And for a first release? Amazing!

The map is shitting itself, reuploading once I fix the problem sorry!


Okay, re Pakrat’d it so the missing textures * might* be fixed, and I re-uploaded it to and gamefront (filefront).

Also, the TRON like effect is trippy, no idea what happened ther, but it looks to be an isolated incident.

Please can you make this map into a Terror Town map it would be so so so so sooooo good :slight_smile:

At the moment though you lack alot of detail HEAVILY. Also the map is kinda small, maybe extend it? Cargo bay? Living Quarters?

Reminds me of alien swarm.

Awesome map