Gm_SpaceExploration - A new space build map!!


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Gate Spawner:

A new space build map with lots of things to explore (as it’s name suggest).
Lets see the whole feature list:


Grassy one:

The starting planet, fully habitable, it has a building pad, a small bunker and a lake. It’s nothing special, everyone starts here. It’s a nice and pleasant place to stay, but it will get overcrowded soon so you are forced to explore and move on.
A group picture in the bunker with the test team.

Ocean one (or Ocean’s eleven :D)

The biggest planet, completely covered with sea, only a small oil rig stands there, and some secrets underwater, will you find them?

The oil rig.

And something, underwater…

Icy one
It’s a cold place, really cold, you can’t imagine how cold it is really… But some insane people built an outpost on it, but they froze, it’s said that their ghosts still haunt the barren planet.

The hot one
It’s hot you can’t imagine how hot, well you could but i have to write something here so people reading this forum will see the long text here and will think the map is great from the size of the first port, anyway there’s a crashed ship here.

There are two stations, I’ll start with the bigger one.

The Dyson’s Sphere
Alias LPine/LuaPineaple station, i named it after him because he gave me the idea. It’s a big floating sphere with lots of stuff in it. Two fully functional hangar bay with closeable doors (with nice effects, red lights flashing and warning signal). A ship assembly hall, probably the biggest flat place in the whole map. A restaurant (called Jiannis restaurant to thank for TheModtester for help in testing). A jail with noclip protection. A science lab, and a pool.

Asteroid base
A creepy dark place built on an asteroid.


Well there’s actually only one apart from those you are going to build, it’s a derelict ship with a small hangar, no life support.

And finally some images of the solar system.

Cool! :smiley:

Oilrig outside?

Looks good so Far,

You should add some more debris near the broken pillar on the underwatery place, and use Doorframes and windowframes.

Well the skybolt is a little buged at the moment so i haven’t made any outside picture on the water planet. I’ve fixed it but i don’t want to complie the map because with the best settigns i would take hours. So here some low quality shots:

Beware! The following shots are made in hammer editor! They are low quality and you can see the nodraw textures at some places. Notice: that water tower is just a placeholder, later it will be replaced with a more detailed metal structure.


Oh, and door and window frames are added, thanks for the suggestion i almost forgot about them.

I have an interesting idea. Have any of you heard of a planet called Aether? If not, look up Metroid Prime: Echoes. This planet is actually 2. One is normal, but the second is in another reality off the map. The only way to get to the other, dark and uninhabbitable planet is by noclip, a stargate, or a openable rip in space-time. I would very much to see this get made in a map.

How about an asteroid belt? it could have the remains of a mineing colony.

I really would like to see an asteroid station.


What we really need is a low lag map with interesting things in it not just plane planets. Each planet/station should have at least 2-3 things on it that make it special.

Intresing idea, but i’m not sure if i can do it. But a hidden planet in an other dimension which is dfficult to get to would add much to the map. I’ll try to do something like it.

That oil rig really doesn’t look stable.


Or like an oil rig for that matter.

Because it’s not yet finished. The crew quarters has to be added. I’ve already replaced the water tower at the center. I’ll upload new pictures later today.

It’s Very Nice :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to play

I have played Metroid Prime:Echoes, and the alternate reality planet was , as he said, uninhabitable. Unless you were in these shields generated by light crystals. Inside these fairly small shields, health would regenerate, and you were almost safe from enemies (since they were afraid of them). So if a planet like this is made, please place these there so we have at lease a start point for building. Like colonizing Mercury, you have to block out the sun so you don’t die, and get LS.

I don’t want to copy an exsisting planet. But a very hidden planet which is hard to colonize is a good idea. I’ll make it to worth the risk of colonizing. So it will be hard but if you manage to make a stable life support there you’ll have an almost in accesable fort. And here some more hammer shot from the updated oilrig. It looks much more like an oilrig now.

Looking better, but it needs to be wider, as that is a bit flimsy :\

Make it breakable!

Ok! Here, some new pics of the oilrig in-game! (Yes i know that the ramp is invisible, and i’ve fixed it already after i made these shots.)

Generator room.

Living quarters.

Outside platform.

Ramp to the docking area.

Looking Great!

Proggres report!
-Earth like planet
-Ocean planet
-Space ship debry
Under construction:
-Small rocky moon
-Asteroid base and asteroid field (almost done)
Needs to be done:
-Some more planet with intresting things

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