[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_Spacewar_v2-6

[tab]Version:[/tab] 3

[tab]Description:[/tab] Recompiled for the new engine. See other changes below.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] DirectX 8 or higher video card 256MB recommended

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

This update includes realistic water, doors on all buildings, updated textures, a larger docking bay for the space station,
and a complete rebuild of the underwater base on Igom.

Due to lag and graphics glitches, the lights on the space station no longer flash.

It is also re-compiled to be fully compatible with the new Source engine.

IMPORTANT: If water or metallic surfaces lag you very badly, you should turn down the video setting for reflections.
The reflections from the water and most of the metallic textures in the map require large amounts of graphics processing.

Some images:

spawn planet:

Under water base:

space station door opening;

space station:

My opinion is that the planets should be very larger than they currently are.

The spawn planet is the biggest planet model there is. So is Igom and Anaua.

Nice Looks good. Works well with spacbuild and finally has building on a space build map. I think it is also good because spacebuild maps take alot of time and effort.

Great job.

Oh good! One of my favorite space build maps, and now it’s even better!


Fantastic, downloading now, nice work kamekazi !

I played an erlier version of this map on a server in the internet. There wasn’t any gravity in space.
What must one do to make space deadly and without gravity?

Edit: Why is that something that deserves a Zing!. I really want to know :crying:

Awesome work. Was playing this earlier and the water-planet is much better, now. I do, however, have a few requests.

I noticed in the first version of space-build, it seems like you had more planets… Or at least, more content. I was wondering if we could get some more planetary bases, like the first version.

In addition, I was wondering if we could get some more use out of the asteroids?


Performance can be a big issue on spacebuild maps. Huge planets would make them unplayable.

Awesome map by the way, probably my favourite spacebuild map.

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but whenever any props go into space, I get this:

They constantly flash the spawning texture, making it impossible to see through glass props. On planets, its fine.

that’s because of the heat feature, there rapidly cooling down and being damaged, that was an addition to CDS, you need to use a space shield to keep the props from being damaged.

Yeah… Space shields are located under CDS Tech.

There is more content than there was in the first version. Go back and look at it then look at this one.

…Or you could just turn it off with CDS_adaptivetemp 0 or something like that.

Cool I needed a new space build map!

Can you upload this somewhere else the It’s dreadfully slow right now.

Nice, but it seems that when I look in the direction of Igom, I lag bad. I’m not sure if it’s Igom, the space station, or the purple room. I’ve had the lag issue with the purple room before, so could that be it?

Whenever I go underwater, it get the black-and-purple ‘missing texture’ chessboard on the surface of the water and everything goes incredibly bright sometimes–any fix?

Some of the brushwork is utterly horrible, other than that good job :slight_smile: I also have the pink and black checker board underwater as well.

I was talking about space_war v.1, but then I just realized that was made by a different person.