[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_Spacewar_V5

[tab]Version:[/tab] 5 ish

[tab]Description:[/tab] Gm_spacewar, with new planet and spawn.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod, SPacebuild 2


[tab]Download V5-1:[/tab]

This is the newest version of Gm_Spacewar.

It includes a spawn outside of the map and 3 habitable planets. There are teleporters in the spawn room to allow players to select a home planet for easy space war setup.

The map also includes a new planet, Chinook, with a similar building platform to Arashi.

The space station has been removed to free up flying space and allow space for a new planet.


I got first download.

it will be running here soon =



woot, first server.

The McBuilds War servers are also running the map.

Enjoy the map guys.

How many versions did just jump out?

I miss the spacestation, i hope the new planet makes up for it :’(.

Is it just me, or does Igom no longer have water surrounding the base there? Takes all the fun away of that planet if you ask me without the water

It’s a tad unorigional… I hate to say that to you but I think it is… You could add in some crashed ships and skeletons on the uninhabitable planets and make the previously underwater base a bit more interesting… perhaps a derilict submarine grabbing arm hanging over the plunge pool and a second floor. Apart from that it just needs some arty flair. I hope you find this constructive enough :smiley:

Excuse me but you are wrong and i’m not going even to explain why. :smiley:

Sorry but it looks like crap :v:

It’s still nice tough.

Going to or putting props on the Dark Side of the Moon causes crashes, just letting you know.
Using 5-1

my game and server keeps crashing whenever you try to get close to the moon that is above Arashi.

Please id like to get this fixed. Thanks in advance.

Nice Bump.