gm_spawn models/props_phx/cannonball Exploit

I’ve find out that there are people that can exploit the server with the “gm_spawn models/props_phx/cannonball”. I’ve banned the model, but people can spawn them with the console. And it explodes when someone push it into a door.
This is really annoying, and is a really bad thing too. Can i remove the command or something?

i dont think it would be that intelligent to remove the command but if you want to, i dont give a foak so be aware, i did not test this!


But still you should rather find the model and delete it instantly on spawn or make an own blacklisting code.

It’s already in the blacklist, but people can still spawn it :confused:

Your blacklist sucks if they can still spawn it if the prop is blacklisted.

There you go a blacklist code i made some time ago

local allowed= { "models/props_c17/fence01b.mdl", "models/props_c17/canister_propane01a.mdl", "models/props_c17/","models/props_combine/", "models/props_interiors/"
,"models/props_junk/", "models/props_lab/", "models/props_trainstation/", "models/props_phx/construct/","models/Gibs/" 
,"models/hunter/plates/", "models/hunter/blocks/", "models/mechanics/solid_steel/"
, "models/Mechanics/gears/", "models/xeon133/racewheel/", "models/props_phx/wheels/", "models/XQM/", "models/hunter/"

local disallowed = { "models/props_c17/fountain_01.mdl","models/Cranes/crane_frame.mdl","models/props_c17/FurnitureDrawer001a_Shard01.mdl",
"models/props_c17/FurnitureDrawer001a_Chunk06.mdl", "models/props_c17/gravestone_cross001b.mdl","models/props_c17/gravestone_statue001a.mdl","models/props_c17/metalladder003.mdl","models/props_c17/pulleywheels_small01.mdl",
"models/props_c17/pulleyhook01.mdl", "pole", "models/props_combine/combine_barricade_short02a.mdl","models/props_combine/headcrabcannister01a.mdl"
 ,"models/props_trainstation/Ceiling_Arch001a.mdl", "models/props_c17/Lockers001a.mdl", "models/props_c17/TrapPropeller_Blade.mdl", "models/props_c17/pulleywheels_large01.mdl", "models/props_c17/gravestone_cross001a.mdl", "models/props_c17/furnitureStove001a.mdl",
 "models/Gibs/helicopter", "models/Gibs/wood", "models/props_c17/gravestone", "models/props_c17/playground_swingset01.mdl","models/props_c17/statue_horse.mdl", "models/props_combine/combinetower001.mdl"
 ,"models/hunter/blocks/cube8x8x8.mdl", "models/hunter/blocks/cube6x6x6.mdl", "models/hunter/blocks/cube4x6x4.mdl", "models/hunter/blocks/cube8x8x4.mdl", "models/hunter/blocks/cube4x4x4.mdl"
 ,"models/mechanics/solid_steel/i_beam_64.mdl", "models/mechanics/solid_steel/i_beam_96.mdl", "models/mechanics/solid_steel/i_beam2_60.mdl"
local function blockProps( ply, mdl )
	local allowed = false
	for _, v in pairs( allowed) do
		if string.find( mdl, v ) then
		allowed = true
	for _, v in pairs( disallowed ) do
	if string.find( mdl, v ) then
		allowed = false
	end //
	if ply:IsSuperAdmin() then ply:SendLua("sound.Play( \"buttons/button9.wav\", LocalPlayer():GetPos(),0,math.random(90,100),1 )") return true end 
	if allowed == true then return true else // ply:SendLua("GAMEMODE:AddNotify(\"Disallowed prop\", NOTIFY_ERROR, 5)") 
	ply:SendLua("sound.Play( \"vo/scout_beingshotinvincible20.wav\", LocalPlayer():GetPos(),0,math.random(90,120),1 )") 
	return false end

hook.Add( "PlayerSpawnProp", "blockProps", blockProps )

Obviously serverside

no, add the model cannonball_solid to the blacklist.

Right click on the model and click on copy to clipboard and then replace <modelpathhere> with the clipboard text

FPP_AddBlockedModel <modelpathhere>

Paste that code into your server console.

I assumed that he used DarkRP.

It’s as simple as doing this:
hook.Add( “PlayerSpawnProp”, “StopDatCannonball”, function( ply, prop )
if ply:IsAdmin then return true end
if prop:GetModel() == models/props_phx/cannonball.mdl then return false end
end )


Not sure why rated funny, but this is a valid answer. You have to block both the cannonball models, or at least the explody one. Even if you spawn the one from the spawnmenu and block it, you can continue to spawn it because it doesn’t spawn that “exact” model.

edit: YOUR FACE IS FUNNY MATT :frowning: