Ever wanted to let the speed demon in you let loose? Ever wanted to build your own supercar and push it to its limits? Then this map is perfect for you!

-An oval racetrack
-A dragway
-A small offroad area
-A building for viewing the races.

I know its not much, but I think you could enjoy it, and maybe use it for racing Machinimas

speedway is with motorcycles in a dirt track, not asphalt

uhhhhhhh. That matters why? And anyway:
Main Entry: speed·way
Pronunciation: \ˈspēd-ˌwā\
Function: noun
Date: 1894
1: a public road on which fast driving is allowed ; specifically : expressway
2: a racecourse for automobiles or motorcycles <------------------
3: a sprint race for motorcycles

From The Merriam-Webster Dictionary :slight_smile:

Who said it was for motorcycles, looks good but try to make those corners smoothers

Lol, speedways are for nascar, touring, gp, almost everything. Look it up before you say retarded statements. just one example. Virginia Int. Speedway is for touring/gp also. Anyway, the track seems decent, it needs a little work, maybe smooth it out some, and make it a little longer.

I might make another version of this map, but it won’t be for a while. And i’ll make sure to take ur advice ;D

Well, shit. I was just making a basic oval-loop racing map, I was gonna release it in a bit. Oh well, the more the merrier. Looks nice :smiley:

Very nice job.

realese noW!!!

I think if I get 400-500 downloads i’ll make a V2 :smiley:

misleading title…

What do you mean?

what the guy above me said

You can be alot more detailed with the curves on the roads. It’s a small map, so it doesn’t need to have so many hard edges.

yea, in v2 im gonna do that, how does a 180 degree arch made up of 32 pieces sound? :stuck_out_tongue:

No banked turns. :frown:

What a dumb bump.

well, idk, i’m just kinda blah on inspiration and blah about everything really, i just didnt want to make a v2 when the first one never got many dl’s (not saying 372 isnt a lot)

372 isn’t a lot.

Thought it was a motorcycling track.

So i was thinking it was a dirt track, and not just a speed - way.
But nvm :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i’m just gonna leave it at this:
-I’ll make a V2 eventually
-I’ll be sure to make the turns smoother, but idk about them not being banked (since most speedway turns are banked):confused:
-for those of you that thought this was a dirt track, u can use the middle part (or in v2 i’ll actually make one)