Let your speed demon run loose! (cheesy slogan ftw)
WOW! Front Page on! THANKS GUYS :smiley:

After a long wait, Version 2 of probably one of my most popular maps is here. The reason for the delay is that i was waiting for an opportunity to beta test it on a friends server, which i finally just decided to forget about.

New features
-Smoother turns on main raceway
-Off road racetrack
-Indiana 500 style racetrack
-Awesome new skybox
-No more stupid teleporters

Also, there are some lighting issues that idk why they are happening, especially on the turns of the main speedway. But i don’t think they’re anything that could ruin the map.

Now for some pix:


New Garages-

Indy Racetrack-

Dirt Track-


Hope you all enjoy it!

very awesome!

Also, use custom road textures.

Not bad, good for testing car contraptions.

Do I require any other games other than Garry’s Mod?

All of them

This map has a lot to offer, but there is a lack of realism. For one, road courses don’t have 3-4 foot high walls around the whole track.

Ep2, but otherwise no

Can the OP make a non-css/ep2 version?

No, that would mean removing every tree with leaves and more. Which would rape the scene.

Well if u want a non Ep2 version, then i could combine that with making it more realistic, and make yet ANOTHER version (not a v3, but kinda like a side project)

you should improve on the garages other than that, A- :razz:

This would be nice :slight_smile:
I hate when someone releases an epic map but I can’t play it because of missing textures :lol:
I’m just like:

Dragway? Oh well it looks quite nice anyways.

Please remove those walls around the indy track, make those red and white tiles instead.

Just so you guys know, if i were to make a realistic version of this map, i would probably just have the main speedway. But with stands surrounding it,realistic pits and realistic center area, most likely like this:

Unless you would be okay with me taking down the file now and re-uploading it with the new things. it only has 25 downloads anyway

Need a custom texture for the stands, with and/or without people.

its kinda strange how my release threads end up turning into suggestion threads :confused:

Sorry about this. Most things are like that. Everything released has something I need and can’t get!

I’m missing floortextures inside the building, also a scoreboard or something in the building with the elevator. I’ve got EP2 and CSS.

Just a quick thing maybe to add in V2 would be a drag strip.

and if your feeling really krazy then you could even add a timer

EDIT: oh srry there already is a drag strip :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol this IS v2, lets just refer to the next realistic one as v2.5 or something like that

huh, thats weird, which building exactly?