We all know Halloween is coming very soon, so I decided to produce a spooky map. I wanted to make this map an RP type, where there is going to be houses, shacks, a club with a theater, maybe some industrial buildings like a saw mill/lumber yard (what the hell else is around this place right?), a store, a library, (MAYBE) a gas station, obviously a grave yard, (maybe) a jail house, and (maybe) a hospital.

I know its not the most scenic forest valley, but my focus is on the functions, spookiness, and RP style. So I want my designs to be fairly simple, and empty so people can populate the map however they want.

There isn’t much to look at now, I have only completed 1 valley section that includes a shack and a tool shed. I spent a lot of time trying to make the setting something that was very dark, trying to make the world have no glow to it. I wanted it as dark as possible without “WAY over doing it”, to ensure that, I made a fog entity with completely black fog that makes distant lights fade away, but keep the environment lighting the same color and brightness as the skybox.

Here are 7 images:








I am planning on keeping the style that way, dark gloomy lights, (I will improve the look of the lights by making the light it self actually “light up”, but I don’t think I will use sprites.)

Also, I have some spooky noises, the soundscape is quiet and kind of eerie, and I have a system that picks a random spooky sound to play on a random section within the map every 3 minutes.

So, what do you think of my idea? Is it terrible? Does it look too bland? Do you like the balance?

What are your thoughts?

If you have a better name let me know, because “gm_spookyForestValley” is NOT its official name. What would be perfect for a valley like this?

I need some spooky sounds, right now I have the SCP game’s library of sounds and HL2 has a small handful (Ravenholm). I would like to take a look through games like Amnesia’s sound directory, but I don’t have that game unfortunately. If you know some where to get some great FREE spooky noises (especially distant ones, ie. “howls, distant screams, distant moans” things like that) I would appreciate the help :slight_smile:


Mystery Town…

Mysterious things are pretty “spooky”, especially in a place like this, you probably wouldn’t wan’t to solve the mystery behind this town…

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I was thinking… maybe… rp_deadwood_valley?

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Oh, I know… rp_shadow_valley?

What do you guys think?

I think its pretty spooky.

Thanks! I think I nailed it with the look, very dark and mysterious… I am trying to aim for something that makes your skin crawl, where you hear a noise but its just too dark to see, so you feel, kind of… watched… You know its there but you just can’t see it.

It looks good, but at the moment it’s maybe a little too pitch black? You should have at least a tiny hint of ambient lighting, but keep the dark fog.

I appreciate the feed back!

Fair point, I was thinking its pretty pitch black my self, but I have also considered the fact that the moon is slightly covered, and if you have ever been out in a forest/desert area (far away from cities) Its very dark, but to the contrary, during a full moon it can be surprisingly bright. What do you think?

I’d say it depends on your skybox. If you can see the moon at all, then it should be a bit brighter than that. Then again, even if you can’t, sometimes you have to sacrifice pure realism for having a map be actually playable.

True, in this case, I think I will consider what you have said and lighten up the environment a little by just adjusting the light_environment entity.

I will post results of the tweaked lighting at some point, and see what people think. Right now I am developing a huge expansion to the level, I think this one will include a nice seized 2 story house, the theater bar, and some more shacks or a warehouse.