gm_stalkers v3 (beta)

My map, maded in S.T.A.L.E.R.-style. Good for RP and just local wars xD

On the map:
-old factory
-small village
-road embankment
-cargo ship
-unfinished hospital
-car service
-big underground lab
-scrap fort
-mysterious crater
-gravity-anomaly house

download link

some pics

Welll, I recognise some stuff from the games, but it looks horrible, very blocky and the lighting is bland.

chills2, yup, brushwork is realy horrible

i love post-apocaliptic maps :3

Also whats with all the shit for gmod


Its a great game tho .

Blocky and low-detail. Looks more like desert than Chernobyl.

This. Looks more like something out of fallout 3 , and the ground needs displacements or something…

oskutin, yeah, this is amm… wastelands =D
zer0 hmm… yep.


to all:
I made this card for 12 hours. Just out of boredom. This is not an architectural masterpiece.



That pics is look bad, but in gmod map looks better.

looks little good
but u sud change the ground texture

gordenfreeman, i already change it. I’m working on final realice.

Don’t show it then. If you are going to defend it in that manner, then there was no point in putting upa thread. If you don’t want criticism, don’t post.

Also don’t forget to change the standard skybox texture.

Henk… standart skybox? STANDART SKYBOX? omg, i realy forget about that, lol >.<

No, your standart skybox is fine. I do suggest changing the standard skybox though.
Here’s a tip, learn to type properly or nobody is going to take you seriously, this isn’t a text message you’ve got as much space as you need to type in proper sentences.

You need to really improve the visuals. Use some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. models, textures, and sounds. You also need some practice on displacements if you hope to have people using this map.

Holy repeating textures.

Stop violating the english language by trying to be pointlessly funny!

Fix the skybox and make disaplcements.

Actually it doesnt look TOO bad, except for that annoying repeating texture on the ground. Pick a different texture then add displacements.