GM_Star_Pass Alpha1 - Train RP build map

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Looks pretty good, although everything looks boring in some way. Hard to explain.
More colors, more light.-

Industrial buildings don’t sit on grass.

It’s very blocky and the texturing is really bad.

The lighting is also really bland.

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And I can see several track errors.

Yes i know all of this already. Its still being worked on… lol

I’m getting the basics placed before i go into the detailing of it

When exactly do you intend on “detailing it”.

Because the things that have been said aren’t details, they’re the basics.

Make the lighting less bland, absolutely get rid of that skybox, add a 3d skybox, and if you have Counter Strike Source, I suggest a nice skybox from it like militia_hdr. Add a few little bits of displacement here and there. It looks way to flatgrassy. And the name? It seems completely irrelevant to the map.

I’m working on the lighting, having some issues with it.
The skybox is a 3d skybox BUT I am going to change it to a better one, the rainy look isn’t working for me

Reason the textures look bad is mainly because my games setting are set to low.

As for the flatgrassy look I know… I have a lot to work on by my self here.

The map name may change later, i just picked a save name for the time being

Do you have CS:S?

Yes i was just looking through them

Okay. Make your skybox militia_hdr and use the recommendations for it from the Sky List. I think you might like it. Also, for your light_environment, you should point it semi-diagonally to get a realistic sunrise/sunset or mid-day effect with your shadows. Other than that the map looks semi-promising.

ok ill try that

Still trying to figure out all the tools in the editor and so on


Yeah, you can remove that as its from Rp_Cityway, what is mine.

Sir I’m detecting stolen content, over?

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Before the above comment I mean

Some of it’s from GRW’s Trainworld, some is from Daveh’s Trainyard, one factory is from BJk.

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GRW’s Coal thing or whatever it is but it’s still GRWs.

Track style is very, VERY close to Daveh’s, so I will assume you took that.

This is just flatgrass with some buildings and tracks.
Flatgrass based maps doesn’t never lead to anything.

You can let that shitty factory go, that’s from last year. I would rather you stop saying it’s mine, but yeah the mine is from Cakeguy, a lot of these prefabs make it around the GRW team and it’s more of a team effort because everything is permitted (albeit, with no value)

I know where it came from, I was going to give the map to GRW anyways and not put it on

As for the track design nope its mine but wtf who cares its all textures from HL2 and public domain. Anyone can make a track.
I don’t think I would bicker over bullshit map props when I’m sure there more important things to worry about in life.

Also for the park FYI I saw (saw being the keyword pay attention) it on your map that crashed my game BTW, and I remade it to my liking.
I can recreate things I see on maps pretty much accurate as far to my knowledge of hammer and its tools. SO before you go into a flame about “me me my my” ask questions and respond accordingly.

Am i going to release this public? NO
Like I said its going to GRW not to the general public

why bother making a thread with it if:

  1. You are not going to release it. Just post some pics in the pimpage thread
  2. You use content from other users. It is just going to get you into trouble.

well in time i was going to give them credit but see how people jump the gun around here.
We all know what assume does to people lol

Anyways I probably should have put it in that thread or rather just kept it closed to my eyes only.

Oh well if they are that stressed out over pixels then god help us all “heres a quarter and theres a pay phone, you know the drill”.