That’s pretty cool.

this looks pretty awesome, I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

Looks nice.

Tower looks pretty cool. I just don’t like how the bottom part of the ramp up it is different to the rest.

Looks nice? No one noticed the big gray field in the skybox?
And you only use 2 textures in the whole map? Much repetive.

The base world is way too blocky, you could have added lots of nice details.

But i guess it’s good for your first map. But atleast it’s not fullbright…

That skybox problem is not really his fault, it’s the actual texture. He should however find a custom one that fits his map better.

The blocks actually look pretty nice, to the point where it actually fits like a style, rather than just noobish mapping. And the lighting isn’t half bad.

Would you blame it on the texture creator, since you say it’s not his fault?


Also remember the “gray” part is always ~ in the middle of your screen, whatever height you will be.

Well then i’m the only one, thinking it would be better to have a small wall. So when you walk in the map, you can’t reach the skybox from the ground.

Thanks for your replies.

I was aiming for a kind of “blocky” and simplistic style. The thing with Gmod is that we fill in the details as we want them to be ourselves, what would be the fun if everything was built for you?

Here are some more pictures of the base:

It’s the militia skybox, cs_militia had a panoramic 3d skybox covering most of the screen, so that’s why turtle rock (the guys who made this map) never made the lower part of the skybox.

I like it. Excellent for your first map.

You could fix the “gray void” by making a big enough wall or mountains around the map with a 3d skybox.

Edit: Or both.

No, you’re not the only one. I think that there’s not much else he could do for the skybox other than that, or a custom-made lower skybox.

I like it, very well done for any map, let alone your first.

Oh cool dumb spammers.

oh and btw, excellent map. something about it makes it look fun.

trying this in a few.


I hope it doesn’t lag :ohdear: for no reason like the rest of those custom maps, for me that is.

Artistic from me, I like it a lot.

Very nice map, but is there any way to get to the other areas without using stargates?

Very interesting map, will download.