I know the mapping isn’t the best but its different from any other map :smiley:
I don’t mind to be criticised just have the facts to back it up -_-

youtube vid:

Hope you enjoy it :smiley:

Wouldn’t this go into the “release” subsection?

nice idea. Work on your layout and the way you present/make your map.

Also some advice; Never use prefabs from other people.

Lighting is bullshit. I mean lights from nowhere? Wow fantastic.
Other than that it’s ok I guess.

I would but its not new I just moved the thread to mapping instead of Garry’s Mod Discussion…

:sigh: First, this:

Media tags. [noparse][media]URL
[/noparse] As you can see that’s much more convenient. Can do pictures and multiple links in one tag.

But media tags aside, it’s actually fairly good. I like it. You seem to have a very good understanding of triggers and scripted sequences, and the warehouse itself is very nice. However, you need to work on the exterior and the land surrounding the warehouse. Add a border and change the skybox, or give it a 3d skybox. Add some details to the outside to make it look like a realistic area surrounding a warehouse; pavement, big cargo doors, crates and forklifts or w/e scattered around. But it really is a nice map. I’m assuming it isn’t you first, and if it is, well damn.

Well, despite the jack ass way he said that, he is right. You need light sources.

lol ya, XD
I made this a while ago and the light props that I tryed appeared as errors to me
I did find the right prop for the lights but after I released it.


lol thanks I was wondering how people did that XD
I’ll remember to add more detail im my next map :smiley:


btw, thanks for all the quick replies :smiley:

It’s a nice concept but the mapping was a bit poor. Main problem was the lighting, work on that.

lol it was pretty bad…
I did a bit of a better job here XD

All your maps seem to be suffering from a major lack of light outside, making it look unnatural. Brushwork is poor in areas. Like the other one, needs a fair amount of polish.

Big tip, do not rush your maps. Release it when it looks as good as the better maps on the releases section at the moment (underwaste, minefield, lakeland, whitetemple to name a few). Aim high and keep pushing yourself. Accept criticism and make yourself a better mapper.

Use an light_environment
to light you whole map that is outside.

I would if you could give me the light I need to set it at :confused:
I have tryed to use light_env before but it still looked unatural >.<