So, here it is. After a lot of work I am so sick and tired of this map that I will release it. I could have added more rooms and hallways, but I think it is sufficient as it is.


search for it in toybox.
or follow the link:

Could of used more pictures, but it looks very nice. Will try this later.

looks kewl, ill try it out

3rd picture kind of reminds me of penumbra: Black Plague.

And the map itself isn’t that bad.

Do any of you have any trouble with missing textures?

Only those. Otherwise no. It could be from my lack of episode 1 though.

Looks cool

It must be, because those are from the hl2 series

Tried it as beta tester already, its really nice, particularly the brushwork. :buddy: Congrats Hawkeye.

guys, I think this is a stupid question…but…where is downloading link?

The only con that I can see (without playing it) is the fact that you mixed a lot of textures that don’t really go together.

You use Toybox to play it, I believe.

I reuploaded the map file and a couple of materials, think it fixed the problem

Good job on the map. I wish it were larger but still nice anyway.