[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_Submarine

[tab]Version:[/tab] :dance:

[tab]Description:[/tab] Deeeep lake, designed for submarines and life-support mod.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] :downs:

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So, build your submarines in here.
Couple of days ago idea of a deep lake with a rocky cave in the bottom leading into air pocket popped into my head, so i started mapping.
~1 Hour after i started the map, it was done, i compiled it and everything in the map was just like i wanted so yeah, pretty good for only one compile.

Aww the pics…

(The lake is ~8600 units deep.)

This doesn’t fill the whole building area? If so, you should make it bigger and make more secrets.

Very nice map.

I know, there should be more caves.

More caves!

Looks delicious. But I agree to the others it needs something else.
More places to explore.

That’s a nice map.

Very nice map and a good concept. Looking forward to a second map.

Arr, i might not make a second one, if some one wants i can PM the vmf.

Can I have the vmf? Anyways, it gets my download.

This map.


This map.

Nice map. I like the cave idea. Can you see far underwater? I think that’s the problem with most water maps. You can’t see far.

I agree, you can’t. i could always make a custom texture.

Awesome Map!

The Lake should be as big as you can possibly make it :slight_smile:

Yeah. I added 3 lights on the front of my sub, all with the highest brightness, and they didn’t do anything to see where I was going.

Lights does not remove the fog, they just make it easier to see when you’re close something.

Great place to use life support :smiley:

Rule #??: It needs more caves. No Exceptions.

I’ll download this map and look how you’ve done the caves. One hint: If you’ve clipped it, it’s really bad, because clipping kills FPS. :wink:

Edit: Looks good, just that I lose underwater after some time 10hp each second, so would be useful to add a trigger_hurt in the water with an negative amount like -10. :slight_smile:


When I saw the title, I thought it was going to be an actual submarine. :frowning: