So this map has been sitting around for months.
The surface area is done 50%, and the subterranean area is only done 10%.

So far I designed the red and blue line, with hopes of also adding a green line, which is exclusively underground.

Here are the screenshots:

[ul]train spawn (3 types)[/ul]
[ul]hybrid rail system (monorail/dual-track)[/ul]
[ul]lake/offroad terrain[/ul]
[ul]overlook tower (player spawn)[/ul]

Planned Features
[ul]private build areas[/ul]
[ul]more terrain features (mountains, caves)[/ul]
[ul]extensive underground rooms[/ul]
[ul]green line (underground)[/ul]
[ul]control room[/ul]
[ul]2-way teleporters[/ul]
[ul]train depot/storage[/ul]

While this will probably not be a community project, I appreciate any constructive input such as sketches, suggestions, questions.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you want me to include something you made in hammer.

Do the “hybrid” dual track rails allow PHX trains?

You may want to change the name as there is already a subtransit around. Looks like a nice map though.


Admin rooms always seemed a bit pointless to me. What is the purpose of them anyway?

change the admin room to a control room.

I doubt it…remember that it’s the trains that are hybrid, not the tracks.
I edited my original post to clarify

The original purpose of the admin room was to be a noclip safe room, but I’m going to implement that for the private build rooms anyways…

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Cant wait to see it finished.

Nice stuff, for the build rooms, use the idea that the snabbans airfield had. With noclip barriers that can be toggled.

care to elaborate? I’ve never seen that map.


ah I see…
except for my chambers are going to be protected with trigger_teleport that will send to a designated room. That way even godmode can’t help you.

If anyone has any funny ideas for the cheater room POST IT! So far it’s going to have a tedious maze. The only way you can escape the room is by solving the maze or by disconnecting from the map.

hybrid as in its both monorail and regular

Thread title reminds me of rp_subtransit.

I already miss that damn thing. :frown:


Direct first sentence which pretty much explains what it is:

This is the first beta version of "SNABBANS Airfield," a map designed for building and flying aircraft.

A dead beta, that is.
Still, a good map to see how big your plane is. Did I mention this map is full-size? Yeah.

please release it.

This thread is from December of last year, I’m sure if he was going to, he would of already.