So…long time no map…

I’ve been considering for some time to go out of source mapping with a bang, so i will be making a version 2 of both sunken and sanctuary, then leaving source for pastures new.

So…i have a few images, and a request for testers, and i’m getting all organised…

This is me almost dying because its mostly underwater:

The waterscape from above:

And the bunker from below:

So, the map is, as you can see, a town thats filled a little under 4 stories high with water. I want lots of place to explore. As the map is quite deep, having spacebuild and life support mods installed into gmod would be helpful.

If you want to test for me (accepting 2 testers atm), then drop me a message somewhere.

There will be tracks, they won’t be phx.

EDIT: Changing testing stuff…bascially, three people tested the map last night, they all found different things (pyth, how did you miss the tv on underwater…shame on you!)

So, if you want to test, drop me a line and ill send you the vmf.

Very promising so far.

Went wreck diving today…found some cars and floating sofa’s.

Not unlike the thames really.

Let me test and have a look for you Phoenix, drop me the VMF Tonight?

If you ever bloody come on steam…

*throws a pizza at sphinxa.

Oh…does anyone know if an error on post of “cpu fan error, press f1 to continue” is something i should ignore…or do i have to actually poke something.

Right…a2 is packed up, and uploaded…let the tester steam spam begin!

If the cpu fan still spins it shouldn’t be a problem.

Even if it doesn’t the heatsink is a vertiable tower of copper bolted to my mobo. I think it’s just my pc being a little special again. When i get a job it’s getting an overhaul.

I’ll be on tonight damnit I was up the pub last night.

You better be…or else i shall fill your pc with manta rays!

god no I only built it at christmas :C

At this rate by the time sphinxa gets on, i will have released it :slight_smile:

I’ll try and get a3 ready for you tonight. Hopefully have it for you when you finally get on. I have worked on the spawn point to make it have textures and a bit more detail.

I am at work goddamnit Phoenix leave me alone :C

I got to some shitty job centre course today. I was told how to write the cv i have already written. Awesome…your tax pounds at work.

Damn why does school have to get in the way
Am I still allowed to beta test :v:

Well…i’m not running beta tests at the moment.